Dangerous Boat Rage Video Goes Viral

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Editor’s note: This video contains explicit language.

We just ran across one of the most bizarre on-the-water events we’ve ever seen. It happened last summer, but it’s making the rounds on social media so we figured we’d share it here for everyone to see. While boating on Lake St. Clair, a popular bass fishing lake, a retired couple was randomly harassed by 39-year-old Timothy Kennedy. The wife was able to catch the reckless behavior on video.

The couple, who didn’t want to be identified, were on their way back to the marina after spending a day on the water and Kennedy began following them in an aluminum fishing boat. The following then turned to circling the couple’s leisure boat and before the couple knew it, he began ramming their boat. The incident caused extensive damage to the boat.

The man was found and arrested quickly. He was charged with operating while intoxicated and malicious destruction of property.