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College Bass Angler Struck by Lightning

While practicing for a college bass fishing tournament on Alabama’s Lay Lake, Trevor McKinney was struck by lightning while heading back to the ramp as a thunderstorm was approaching. According to, his partner, Blake Jackson, was unharmed in the incident. The pair knew storms were in the vicinity but not very close to them. As it started raining, the team ran back to the ramp in their bass boat and the next thing he knew, Jackson said he saw a bolt of lightning in his face.

McKendree University Bass Fishing Coach Jon Rinderer told that “the shock went through McKinney’s body and exited his pant seat and out through the driver’s seat in the boat.”

After McKinney was struck, Jackson had to take control of the boat and get to the ramp that was over 20 miles away. Paramedics were waiting at the boat ramp and miraculously, McKinney was examined and released on site. The teammates claim it was the only lightning bolt they saw all day long.