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Pre-tournament Thoughts for 2015 TTBC

Now in its 9th year, the Toyota Texas Bass Classic continues to be a favorite among the top-ranked pros from both the Bassmaster Elite Series and FLW Tour, that compete in the no-entry fee event.
Rich with country music concerts from top performers like Billy Currington, Lee Brice, Rodney Atkins, and Joe Nichols surrounding daily weigh-ins, the event has also raised a remarkable $2.25 Million in charitable donations to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for youth fishing programs.

Competition for this year’s event begins Saturday on famed Lake Fork, and four Team Toyota pros graciously shared their insight on what fans can expect to occur this weekend.

The biggest differences between this year’s event, and last year’s event, that shattered so many tournament heavyweight records, is …

Scroggins: The water is a lot higher, and we’re here three weeks later, so these fish are in more of a true post-spawn phase compared to last year.
Iaconelli: The water level is 5 or 6 feet higher, and the water is much more colored or stained.
Swindle: Higher water, and dirtier water.
VanDam: The water level is 5-feet higher, and we’re here two or three weeks later than last year. Last year there were still a few fish at the very tail end of the spawn, but this year, they’re in much more of a true post-spawn pattern.

Two Lures that you think will get the most use among the entire field of 35 anglers:

Scroggins: Deep diving crankbaits like a Fat Free Shad or a Strike King 6XD, and a giant flutter spoon.
Iaconelli: Deep crankbaits, and swimbaits.
Swindle: Strike King 10XD and a big flutter spoon.
VanDam: Strike King 10XD that will dive to 25′, or deeper if you ‘long line’ it, and big swimbaits.

What will be the biggest surprise of this year’s Toyota Texas Bass Classic?

Scroggins: When the Sabine River Authority releases water out of the dam here, the fish don’t necessarily turn-on and start feeding like they do when water is released from most reservoirs.
Iaconelli: That just because the lake is 5 or 6 feet high, and lots of shoreline habitat is flooded, it’ll will still be won from deeper water.
Swindle: That we had to strap two life jackets on every porta potty, because we knew they were gonna float away with all the rain we’re gettin’.
VanDam: That Keith Combs didn’t win. No disrespect to Keith, but a lot of the deep water that he fished in the past has received a ton of pressure since then, which will make it way tougher for him to win.

The biggest bass you’ve hooked in practice this week on Lake Fork?

Scroggins: 8 pounds
Iaconelli: 4 pounds
Swindle: 8 pounds
VanDam: 7 pounds

Two pros you expect to do really well at the 2015 Toyota Texas Bass Classic, other than yourself?

Scroggins: Keith Combs and Mark Rose
Iaconelli: Keith Combs and Mark Rose
Swindle: Andy Morgan and Justin Lucas
VanDam: Keith Combs and Aaron Martens