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Bass Topwater Blowups Montage ? | Largemouth and Smallmouth Mix

Who doesn’t love an excellent topwater blowup? Frogs, hard baits and even worms consistently get bit on top, especially during the mornings and evenings of summer. Wired2fish staffers slipped out on a topwater “eats” filming mission and came home with this assortment of largemouth and smallmouth bass topwater strikes. We spared you the vicious “hammer handle” pike attacks.


A simple takeaway to this video is the fact that no single topwater bait or bait category gets it done in all situations. Factors such as habitat (e.g., grass or open water), species (spotted, largemouth, or smallmouth bass), and bass preference on any given day can impact what you have tied on. One thing is for sure, few experiences in fishing hook an angler for life, like watching your bait disappear in the mouth of a fish after an explosive topwater strike. Tie on a topwater and have yourselves a fantastic summer!

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