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Owner Range Roller Jighead Review

Jig and minnow fishing has quickly taken over the world of bass fishing since the introduction of forward facing sonar. This technique is perfect for targeting specific fish and is a proven fish catcher all over the country. While this technique is extremely productive, fish have quickly become more reluctant to bite due to the sheer number of fisherman practicing this technique. Many successful anglers have started to transition over to unique Japanese style heads to gain an edge over their competition. One of the newest and most talked about jigheads to hit the market is the Owner Range Roller Jighead. 



Built for the increasingly popular hover-strolling technique, the Owner Range Roller Jighead features a high center axis and knot position that leads to a unique rolling action at all speeds. This jighead also features Owner’s Super Needle Point technology to deliver consistent hook penetration even on longer casts. The Range Roller head comes with a U-shaped wire bait keeper to secure your soft plastic minnow cast after cast. This specialty JDM jig head offers amazing rolling action perfect for tricking finicky bass. The Owner Range Roller Jig Head is available in a variety of sizes fit to handle any soft plastics in the 2 to 7-inch range.


While the Range Roller can be used for a variety of strolling and damiki techniques, there’s a few specific times I really like to employ this bait. When fishing for spotted bass I generally like to implement a fast presentation on a heavy head. These fish are typically moving quickly and seem to be far less picky as far as presentation goes. I often throw a 3/8 or 1/2-ounce head in order to get the bait in front of their face as fast as possible. For largemouth however, I like to use a different approach.

Largemouth typically move much slower than spotted bass. This means giving them a slower more lifelike presentation is essential when targeting these fish. This is when I like to employ the Range Roller Jighead. These largemouth are often solo and stationary, so giving them a unique presentation can really give you an advantage when trying to fool these educated fish. The wobble action this jig head gives your soft plastic fluke provides a natural presentation that bass aren’t used to seeing. I’ve found this jig head is exceptionally productive when targeting suspended largemouth. Targeting fish related to timber, bait and other suspended scenarios is when this bait truly shines. 


Having the right setup is another essential component for finding success with the Range Roller Jighead. This jig head pairs perfectly with a Deps Sakamata Shad on a finesse style setup. A spinning rod paired with light line is the preferred setup when throwing this bait. I generally stick with 10-pound braid paired with a 10-pound fluorocarbon leader. Two great line options for this technique are Strike King Contra Braided Line and Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon.

For a rod, I prefer a medium action with a stiff backbone. The stiffer action allows for great hook penetration on longer casts. I’ll often keep my drag tight for the hookset, then immediately back it off once I’m fighting a fish. This allows for a great hookup ratio without compromising the strength of your line. A great rod option for this technique is the 7-foot medium action Abu Garcia Zenon Spinning Rod.

For a reel, I prefer one with a 3000 sized spool and a smooth drag. The larger spool allows for a faster retrieve while a smooth drag delivers consistent pressure leading to a greater landing percentage. This is extremely important when throwing finesse style baits on light line. One of my favorite reels to use for this technique is the Shimano Stradic FL Spinning Reel in the 3000 size. 

The Owner Range Roller Jighead is a unique bait that offers a new look for damiki style presentations. Coming in a variety of sizes, this jig head is sure to fit whatever depth range you’re targeting. The Range Roller’s one of a kind action is sure to give fish a new look and generate a few extra strikes compared to your standard jighead. If you’re looking for a new bait to give you an edge over the competition, look no further than the Owner Range Roller Jighead.