BKK Hooks Nemesis EWG Hook Review

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I was recently introduced to the BKK line of hooks for freshwater bass fishing. And I’m hooked now (pun intended) on these finely crafted hooks. The one hook I’ve probably used the most thus far is the BKK Hooks Nemesis EWG hook so I figured that’s a great place to start my reviews to introduce folks to their hooks.

The BKK Hooks are new to a lot of anglers, but they’ve actually been making hooks since 1856 when the 16-year-old boy of the Zhan family began fashioning hooks for local commercial fishermen’s nets and lines. Now they are a leading brand of hook maker in China with offices all over the world in China, Europe, and Southeast Asia. They make both Freshwater and Saltwater hooks and more recently bass fishing technique specific hooks.

Very Refined Hooks

Everything about these BKK Nemesis EWG hooks have impressed me. The hooks are well priced, twist tied together so you can keep them all together and orderly in your terminal tackle box and they are very elegantly packaged with clearly labeled intents on the packaging. The BKK Nemesis are medium hooks meant for giving you a decent amount of space to clear bulkier plastics like creatures and soft jerkbaits or small swimbaits.


Hooks Nicely Organized

I love how the hooks are evenly tied together with as a simple elegant twist tie. I like being able to keep a 4/0 and 5/0 bundle together in the same slot in my terminal tackle box and quickly identify which hooks I have without having to hang onto the packaging. And I think keeping them all together keeps from the hooks digging and dulling as much jostling around in your terminal box.

Specs on the BKK Nemesis Hooks

The BKK Nemesis EWG comes in 6 sizes from No. 1 up to 5/0. The No. 1, 1/0 and 2/0 come 8 to a pack. The 3/0 and 4/0 come 7 to a pack and the 5/0 comes 6 to a pack. These hooks are made from a medium-light wire so that they will penetrate and hold well with light to medium lines.

The Nemesis hooks feature a needle-sharp hook point, carbon steel construction and their Super Slide (SS) patented coating to give you immediate and easy penetration without having to use big lines or heavy duty hooksets.

These hooks are specifically designed to be used with creature and beaver baits as well as shad shaped baits like soft jerkbaits and swimbaits.

Rigs Really Well

These hooks rig plastics really well. The exaggerated bend in the elbow as well as the slick coating make running these hooks through your favorite pitching and punching soft plastic baits as well as rigging perfectly straight on soft jerkbaits and swimbaits with the piercing point and SS coating. I’ve caught fish on Senkos, Yamatanukis, Tubes, and soft jerkbaits thus far.

The 4/0 has been perfect for smaller beavers like the Missile Baits Baby D-Bomb and Strike King Baby Rodent. The 5/0 has been nice for Senkos, Yamatanukis and Xcite X-Shad Jerkbaits.

My Experiences with Nemesis Hooks

I’ve been fishing with the BKK Nemesis since March 2023. These hooks are a welcomed addition to my terminal tackle box. They are very refined, packaged well, organized well, rig well and fish extremely well. And by that I mean you get a terrific hook set and hold with the BKK Nemesis. I’ve been pressuring hooking bass no problem with 10-pound braid with an 8-pound leader as well as sticking them hard with 17-pound fluorocarbon on a MH Baitcasting rod.

The combination of the needle point and SS Coating make penetrating a fish’s mouth very easy to do with a hookset or just tight hard pressure.

While the hooks have some flex because of the medium light wire, I’ve had no issues with fish getting off while horsed on 17-pound line. I’ve likewise had no issue swinging fish on this hook. I’ve had some weird finicky bites with bedding smallmouth and largemouth alike where you just sort of feel a mushy feeling on your line and you about half reel and half set the hook and I’ve still landed almost all of those fish.

These are extremely well made hooks. They hook fish well. They rig well. They stand-up to a lot of pressure and horsing of fish during a fight. I would recommend these hooks to anyone looking to use lighter lines on their soft plastics in that 10-15 pound test range. 

You can find BKK Nemesis EWG Hooks at FishUSA.com.

Hooks and Holds Bass Really Well

If you check out my Yamamoto Yamatanuki review, you will see a bunch of fish catches in that article that were on the Yamatanuki with a 4/0 BKK Nemesis Hook.