Seaguar On the Line | Fluorocarbon for Spinnerbait

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A lot of anglers shy away from fluorocarbon line for spinnerbaits because it doesn’t stretch and they believe you miss too many fish. We believe it’s actually better for a number of reasons. One reason is abrasion resistance and toughness, but another is feel. You can feel and fight fish better with  fluorocarbon.  Ultimately the best reason we have found to use Seaguar InvizX is the way it handles. We use 12-pound test for most spinnerbait applications and have found it to be both soft and tough and the castability is through the roof. The small diameter of .011 inch (.285 mm) combined with Seaguar’s premier resins make the line virtually invisible to the fish. The knot strength is superior, we tie a San Diego Knot, and the abrasion resistance is superb. InvizX is also UV resistant, chemical resistant, non-absorbent, high-density and impervious to cold conditions. We like it spring, summer, fall and winter.
This month’s  Seaguar Tip: The key to using Seaguar InvizX  fluorocarbon for spinnerbaits  is the right rod and reel. We use a medium to medium heavy rod and a  medium speed  reel, 6.4:1 gear ratio seems to be best. The softer tip allows the bass to absorb the bait and the slower reel keeps you from pulling the bait away from the fish. We like a   the 7-foot St. Croix Legend Extreme rod and have had great success with the Abu Garcia Revo line up of reels, including the SX and the Premier. We have also used the Orra on occasion with similar results. Combining the right rod and reel with the castability and durability of Seaguar InvizX will make fishing spinnerbaits on fluorocarbon a lot more manageable and enjoyable.