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Old School Buzzbait

Some people call it “old school” but  I prefer to call it “dependable reliability” or “tried and true”  and there is no question that the Stan Sloan  Zorro Head Knocker fits the bill when you are looking for a  buzzbait that does more than sputter. The Head Knocker blade clips the head of the buzzbait and makes a clicking noise that works especially well in muddy water or clear water applications where you are trying to pull suspended fish up.

Fall is a great time to fish the buzzbait and we have been believers in this style of bait all the way back the the Carrow Head Knocker and the Arizona Willywacker. As an old timer once told me “the sputter draws them up and the click catches them.”

Clacking buzzbaits are situational baits that work great when shad start to ball up and get longer than 2 inches. Shad make similar noises under water, and big fish love to engulf  this style of bait.

I have found that they are particularly effective when water temps get below 80 degrees. I prefer the 1/2-ounce model and usually use black.

Good techniques for this style of bait are paralleling rip-rap, along sunken logs and on weed edges. A ripping technique also works well with a strong tip jerk as it is retrieved.

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