Bobber Stops are Not Just for Bobbers

Some of the best tools we have at our disposal to help us put more fish in the boat are the simpliest. A feathered hook, a better split ring, a tungsten weight instead of lead and the tried and true Eagle Claw Bobber Stop for pegging bullet weights are all very simple but can pay big dividends if used effectively.
Bobber stops have been around for years. They started as a rubber band or string  tied to the line to keep bobbers in place. As  happens with most things in fishing, technology took over and a more sophisticated stop was created for the same  job. Crappie, panfish and walleye anglers loved that new models and they have now found a place for bass anglers too. Not for bobbers for bass anglers,  but rather as a keeper for keeping a weight pegged  down next to the plastic. We like to use color of the stops as an advantage too. Black for subtle finicky bites and red and yellow for more aggressive fish.
Eagle Claw Bobber stops come in multiple sizes, based on line weight,  and 2 styles, plastic and cord, and both work equally well. Simply run the line though a small loop above the bobber stop, slide it on the line and tie your weight and bait on. We will push it snug to the weight when flipping, punching  and pitching. and separate the stop from the weight when cast and wanting the bait to float a bit, much like a Carolina Rig.
They are very reasonable at $1.89 for a package of 10 and can indeed help you put more fish in the boat.

You can read more about them or purchase them at Tackle Warehouse by clicking here.


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