Best Stick Bait Colors

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A soft plastic stick bait is widely considered the best bass fishing lure of all time. Its simple yet effective action seems to trigger bites from even the most pressured fish, making it a must-have bait for every bass fisherman. Most fishing lures seem to be productive for a while, however they slowly fade away as new and better lures are produced. The soft plastic stick bait has stood the test of time proving to be one of the best bass lures ever created. 

The original stick bait was created by Gary Yamamoto and it commonly referred too as the Senko. Numerous other companies have created productive stick baits as well such as the Yum Dinger and the Strike King Perfect Plastic Ocho. While you can’t go wrong with any of these options, choosing the right color can be a little more difficult. We decided to make that process a little easier by highlighting our favorite stick bait colors. This list covers the top 5 best stick bait colors based on water clarity, forage and the current weather conditions. 


You can’t mention colors without talking about green pumpkin. This staple gets bit in virtually any scenario, though it is particularly effective when fish are feeding on smaller prey such as crawfish, insects, or bluegill as this color closely mimics these natural food sources. Stick baits in this color are best used in situations where a natural presentation is preferred. It also excels in clear or lightly stained water conditions, and shines on sunny days with high visibility. Fish are often wary in these scenarios and the realistic appearance of the green pumpkin color will often tempt bass into striking. Overall, choosing a green pumpkin-colored stick bait is a smart choice when aiming for a realistic presentation and targeting less aggressive bass.


Another color that can’t go without mention is black and blue. This color catches fish all over the country. Black and blue-colored stick baits are highly effective in low light conditions or when fishing in stained or murky water. The dark, contrasting colors stand out well against darker backgrounds, making them easier for fish to spot in waters with reduced visibility. This combination excels in early morning, late evening, or on overcast days when light penetration into the water is low. Additionally, black and blue stick baits mimic the appearance of natural prey like bluegill or crawfish, which are often dark in color. In summary, this is the perfect color pattern whenever you’re fishing around stained water or in low visibility conditions.


One lesser known color that’s been a huge producer for me recently is the FishUSA exclusive Becker’s Black Magic. This color was designed by Bass Pro Tour Angler Matt Becker, and is available in the traditional Yamamoto Senko. This bait features a black body and blue flake, however it is also full of silver flake, which lets off an enticing flash as it falls through the water column. I use this color in similar situations as I would the traditional black and blue stick bait, however it really comes into its own whenever fish are feeding on baitfish. The silver flash this color provides is perfect for imitating small baitfish such as shad or bluegill. It also adds an extra level of color, helping to draw bass in from further distances. If your looking for a unique take on a proven fish catching color, I highly recommend giving the Beckers Black Magic Senko a try. 


Another super productive stick bait color that flies under the radar is sapphire blue. Sapphire blue stick baits are most effective in clear water conditions, especially on bright, sunny days when visibility is high. The vibrant blue stands out distinctly against the water’s clarity, making it more noticeable to fish from a distance. This color can mimic natural baitfish like shad or minnows, which often have silvery blue tones in their scales. I typically opt for this hue when targeting fish in open water or near the surface where the sunlight can enhance the lure’s visibility and attract strikes.

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Last but certainly not least, bubble gum pink is a fantastic stick bait color perfect for generating big bites. This color bait is effective when fishing in situations where high visibility and a bold presentation are ideal. This bright hue stands out well in murky or stained water where it can attract fish by catching their attention. It’s particularly useful when targeting territorial bass, especially during spawn when they may be more responsive to bright colors. Bubble gum pink stick baits also work well in low light conditions such as dawn or dusk, when natural light is low. I often choose bubble gum pink  when fishing around dense vegetation as the color contrasts sharply against the green vegetation, making it easier for fish to spot and strike.