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2 Hollow Body Frog Tips to Catch More Bass

Are you looking to take your hollow-body frog fishing to the next level? Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Justin Hamner is always looking for small tackle adjustments that set himself apart from the competition. In this video, Hamner lets us in on two minor hollow-body frog tweaks that could be the difference in putting a few more fish in the boat.

Hamner’s 2 frog modifications:
  1. Swap out the color of the frog legs. Hamner feels that changing the color of the skirted frog legs can help match the forage in some instances, chartreuse to imitate bluegills in this case.
  2. Add a nail weight. Although it’s not much, Hamner assures that by adding a nail weight (1/16 ounce) to the hook’s shank, castability and accuracy increase significantly.