Zoom Z Hog Review

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Many bass anglers have a pretty exclusive selection of favorite flipping and pitching baits and it’s not always easy for us to change or try something new. I’m the same way, but I’ve made some extra room in my boat for the Zoom Z Hog. I’ve been flipping and pitching with it for quite a while and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite soft plastic baits for 4 primary reasons.

  • Compact, yet bulky
  • Durable
  • Thick enough for big flipping hooks
  • Consistent color

Compact, yet bulky profile gives you the best of both worlds

The Zoom Z Hog was designed for flipping and pitching into the thickest cover you can find, and its unique profile makes it all possible. Measuring 4 inches long, it has a slender body without many crazy appendages which allows it to makes its way through branches, limbs and matted vegetation without any extra manipulation.

Zoom incorporated some bulk into the Z Hog’s slender profile by adding 2 small flappers and 2 rabbit ear claws. These appendages displace a lot of water on the fall and when dragged or hopped. The unique kicking action has also allowed me to use the Z Hog for presentations other than flipping and pitching as well. I’ve had a lot of success using the 4-inch Z Hog on a Carolina rig and I’ve also caught a lot of bass with the 3.5-inch Z Hog Jr. on a shaky head in deep brush piles.


Lasts for several fish catches

The Z Hog is a very soft bait, which actually concerned me a bit at first. It was obvious it would have a good action, but would it hold up to skipping, flipping and multiple hooksets? Thankfully, it has proved to be very durable. I’ve caught up to 6 bass on a single Z Hog, which not only saves valuable fishing time, but it also saves money. They’re only priced at $4.59 per 8-pack, but a single pack has lasted me several fishing trips.

I’ve caught a lot of bass by skipping the Z Hog underneath docks and it doesn’t slide down the shank of the hook, even after repeated skips. I’ve also benefitted from its durability when fishing around bream beds. Normally when a bream “jackhammers” your bait, you can expect to be missing a pincher or arm, but that hasn’t been the case with the Z Hog.

Handles big flipping hooks very well

Every angler is different, but I’m a big believer in using the biggest flipping hook you can get away with. I’ve been tinkering with hook selection on the Z Hog for months and I’ve found it to be perfect with a big, 5/0 Lazer Trokar Flippin Hook. When a big bass bites, you can be sure they’re going to get all of the hook, which has helped my hookup ratio tremendously.

Many flipping baits are simply too thin to accommodate such a large flipping hook because there’s not enough plastic in which to bury the hook point. The Zoom Z Hog is just thick enough to hide the hook point and keep the bait totally weedless.

Consistent color in every bait

I try not to get too caught up in crazy color selections when bass fishing, but sometimes, especially in clear water situations, it makes a big difference. While many soft plastic color combinations vary from bag-to-bag, and sometimes even from bait-to-bait, each Zoom Z Hog you grab will look just like the last one. Instead of rummaging through a bag searching for a good looking bait, you’ll be able to blindly grab another Z Hog and get back to fishing.

I’m crazy about the Zoom Z Hog, and I recommend trying it for your flipping and pitching this summer. It’s a high-quality soft plastic at an attractive price point.

The Zoom Z Hog is available at TackleWarehouse.com.