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Zoom Super Chunk Review

When I’m flipping or pitching a jig, I believe my trailer selection is just as important as my jig. Years ago, I fell in love with the Zoom Super Chunk while flipping grass lines at Lake Eufaula. There are 4 characteristics that have made this trailer an integral part of my fishing arsenal, especially in water temperatures below 65 degrees.

  • Fluttering action
  • Thick body
  • Slow fall
  • Very durable

Flutters on the fall


A jig’s initial fall often serves as the trigger that makes the bass bite. When you add the Zoom Super Chunk to your favorite jig, you’ll notice an aggressive fluttering action as it falls. This unique action proves deadly around both heavy cover and deep structure fishing.

I’ve had a lot of success yo-yoing jigs over limbs in heavy cover with the Super Chunk. Every time you pull the jig upward and let it fall, the Super Chunk flutters in front of the bass’ face, making it hard for them to pass up. Whenever I’m fishing cover in which I’m convinced a big fish lives, I always flip a Buckeye Lures Mop Jig tipped with a Zoom Super Chunk to the area.

The fluttering action is also extremely effective when fishing deep structure with heavy football jigs. I like to “stroke” a jig in deep water by ripping it and letting it fall on a controlled-slack line. More often than not, I get my bites on the fall, which tells me the Super Chunks fluttering action really appeals to big bass.

Hassle-free rigging


The thick body of the Super Chunk is both convenient and practical. When you’ve just caught a 5-pounder during a tournament and your hands are shaking, it’s tough to delicately thread a trailer onto the shank of your jig’s hook.

The design of the Super Chunk makes this a non-issue—all you need to do is penetrate the thick body once with the hook and you’re ready to go. You won’t have to deal with manipulating thick weed guards or biting excess plastic off your trailer—just stick it on and go fishing.

Bat-tail wings encourage a slow fall

Not only does the Super Chunk flutter as it falls—it also falls very slowly. In my opinion, this characteristic is the primary reason why it’s such a deadly big fish bait in cooler water temperatures. I primarily use the Super Chunk on the back of a Buckeye Lures Mop Jig and I’m telling you—you’d be hard-pressed to find a jig that falls slower.

Due to its tantalizing fall, be sure to pay close attention to your line as your jig falls on the initial flip or cast. If you’re flipping vertical structure, such as dock posts, with a Super Chunk, the biggest fish usually eat it on the fall. If you notice and jumps in your line, reel up your slack and lay into it.

One of the most durable trailers I’ve ever used


As I mentioned, I fell in love with the Super Chunk at Lake Eufaula, Alabama. Our best five bass weighed almost 30 pounds and after catching a 20-pound limit multiple times during the same day, I used 2 Zoom Super Chunks. That’s pretty darn impressive.

Because you don’t have to slide it up the shank of the hook, the Super Chunk doesn’t get wallowed-out after multiple fish catches. The bat-tail wings are very supple, yet very flexible, aiding in outstanding durability.

If you’re looking to try a new jig trailer, I absolutely recommend grabbing a few packs of Zoom Super Chunks. Affordably priced at $2.39, they may not look like much in the package, but give them a shot—you won’t be disappointed.

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