Eagle Claw Bobber Rubber Stops Review

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I remember my days of pegging worm weights with toothpicks all too well””the heartache of multiple lost fish, frequently shredded line and retying dozens of knots each fishing day. Fortunately for me, I ran across Eagle Claw Bobber Rubber Stops and have eliminated all the hassle from my Texas rig fishing. 3 characteristics make these stops an outstanding bass fishing investment.

  • Easy on fishing line
  • Quick and simple to rig
  • Stay in place
  • They won’t tear up your line

I’ve seen so many great, old school anglers lose fish when flipping and pitching because they’re dead-set on using subpar pegging systems. After using Eagle Claw Bobber Rubber Stops for quite some time, I can honestly say I haven’t lost a single fish due to premature line wear. If you’re an avid Texas rig fisherman, that’s a pretty big deal.

After affixing the Bobber Stop to your line, you can slide it up and down without worry. You won’t notice any line crimps, raw spots or shriveling. This gives you the ability to slide the Eagle Claw Bobber Rubber Stops up your line while changing weights without having to waste another one””any cent you save on the water always helps.

Very easy to rig


Simply run your line through the wire loop on which the stops are kept and pull a Bobber Rubber Stop onto your line””it’s really that simple.

If you want to make a quick adjustment to your flipping or pitching rig, continuously re-cutting traditional pegs, such as toothpicks, is both time consuming and irritating. The Eagle Claw Bobber Rubber Stop literally takes 2 seconds, at most, to rig, making re-rigging an extremely easy, quick process.

They’ll stay in place


I don’t flip or pitch Texas rigs with anything less than 15-pound fluorocarbon line and these stops stay in place very well. I’ve used pegs in the past that required constant readjusting after almost every cast, but I only find myself adjusting the Bobber Rubber Stops after fish catches or shaking my bait free of a hang-up.

Because they stay in place so well, I’ll sometimes keep them 1/4-inch above the top of my bullet weight to achieve a slight “clicking” sound while I work my bait in cover. I’m sure it’s not the best approach in regards to knot durability, but sometimes this little tweak will get some additional bites.

Fit every weight and line size I’ve tried

I’ve been extremely pleased with how versatile the Bobber Rubber Stops are. After countless flips and fish catches, I’ve haven’t been able to find a brand or size weight they’re not compatible with. Whether you’re a tungsten fan or an old school lead angler, you’ll be able to use these on your favorite flipping rigs.

In addition, I’ve also found them to be very versatile in regards to line size. I’ve been using the 12 to 20-

pound test model with no problems whatsoever. Whether I’m flipping 20-pound fluorocarbon in clear water or 65-pound braided line in muddy water, the Bobber Rubber Stops have stayed in place and provided a ton of durability.

This isn’t a particularly attention-grabbing item that you’re dying to get your hands on, but in my honest opinion, it’s a must-have for your terminal tackle box. They’re priced starting at $1.89, making them a very inexpensive way to get more out of your flipping and pitching.

Eagle Claw Bobber Rubber Stops are available at TackleWarehouse.com.

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