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Zoom Shimmer Shad Review

It’s no secret that bass love shad. Baitfish such as gizzards, threadfin and herring all serve as a primary forage group for bass. Anglers use a variety of different lures to imitate this style of bait, each having their own unique time and place. One of the newest shad imitation baits to hit the market is the Zoom Shimmer Shad. The Zoom Shimmer Shad draws inspiration from traditional soft body shad baits while incorporating their own innovative twist on an already productive style of lure.

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The Zoom Shimmer Shad is an innovative soft plastic designed for a variety of bass fishing scenarios. This bait shines any time bass are keyed in on baitfish. The Shimmer Shad features a slim baitfish profile as well as an innovative ribbed skeletal design and fork shaped tail that give this bait a natural action. This bait works perfectly when paired with traditional moving baits such as a spinnerbait or vibrating jig, however it also works as a stand alone bait when paired with a jig head and light line. The Shimmer Shad is 4.25 inches in length and available in a variety of Zoom’s fish-catching color patterns. The natural side to side action and realistic color patterns of the Zoom Shimmer Shad are sure to match whatever forage is in your local body of water. 


I’ve used the Zoom Shimmer Shad for the last several months. While this is something I’d use almost year round, we’re quickly approaching my favorite time of year for this style of lure. As bass finish up spawning their main focus is food. Bass loose tons of weight and energy during their spawning cycle, so they quickly key in on shad and other types of baitfish to replenish what they lost. This is my favorite time to throw the Shimmer Shad.

I’ve tested this lure out using a variety of different methods, however my three favorite ways to fish the shimmer shad are on a spinnerbait, vibrating jig and a jig head. During the post spawn bass gorge themselves on baitfish, and there’s few better baitfish imitators than a spinnerbait and vibrating jig. Pairing a Zoom Shimmer Shad with either of these lures adds a unique side to side action that I think generates a few extra bites. You can fish these baits both shallow and deep which is perfect for this transitional period.

Last but certainly not least, my all time favorite way to fish the Zoom Shimmer Shad is on a jig head. This is the perfect option for post spawn bass as they move off the bank in search of offshore cover. The ribbed skeletal design and forked tail of the Shimmer Shad allow this bait to move freely in the water column giving it a super natural look. Throwing this bait round brush piles and ledges is a great way to trick some quality bass into biting. This is my favorite presentation for whenever bass are finicky and reluctant to bite. 


I generally use two different setups for the Shimmer Shad depending on how I’m using it. When paired with a vibrating jig, I use a 7’2 medium heavy casting rod paired with a 7:1 gear ratio reel. I typically use 15 to 20-pound fluorocarbon line depending on the amount of cover present. One if my favorite fluorocarbons for this application is the Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon Fishing line. One of my preferred rod and reel setups for the Shimmer shad consists of a Shimano Expride B Casting Rod paired with a Shimano Curado 150 MGL Casting Reel.

When using the Shimmer Shad on a jighead however, I prefer to pair it with a spinning combo and light line. I typically use 10-pound braid attached to an 8 to 10-pound fluorocarbon leader. For my rod and reel I prefer a 7-foot medium action spinning rod and a 3000 sized reel. One of my go to combos for this application is the Lew’s Custom Lite Spinning Rod paired with a Lew’s Custom Lite Spinning Reel in the 3000 size.

Whether you’re a beginner or expert angler, the Zoom Shimmer Shad is something you should have in your tackle box. This bait is extremely versatile and will catch fish in nearly any scenario. Whether you’re fishing this bait on a jig head, spinnerbait or variety of other methods, the Zoom Shimmer Shad is sure to get you a couple extra bites.

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