Zoom Mag 2 Worm Review

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Perhaps one of the best ways to catch big bass throughout the summer months is with a big soft-plastic worm. These baits represent a slow-moving, substantial meal for lethargic bass and you can probe any type of cover with them. The Zoom Mag 2 Worm has been a staple for us for many years. If you’re fishing the mid-summer months, it’s a must-have whether you’re targeting shallow or deep water.

The perfect balance in size

I’ve always preferred to use this worm when the fishing gets super tough in the heat of the summer. Water temperatures can get in the high 90s in my area and I’ve found that anything bigger than the Zoom Mag 2 Worm can be a bit overpowering for the bass. Measuring 9 inches in length, this worm will certainly catch both quantity and quality. 

It pairs perfectly with both a 4/0 and 5/0 hook. You’ll notice very few short strikes while fishing because again, I feel like this is nearly the perfect size for the dog days of summer. Even if a bass pecks at it, it normally gets the hook and holds on for several seconds, allowing you plenty of time to set the hook. 

The head stays put

Lots of larger worms you’ll use will slide down the shank of the hook after just a few bites or fish catches. The Zoom Mag 2, however, is quite durable while maintaining an impressive softness and natural action. I’ll catch several bass on each bait and even better, they come 20 to a pack for $4.19, so it’s an excellent value for anglers. 

They flat-out bite it

A plum or green pumpkin-colored Zoom Mag 2 is probably one of the most popular summer bass fishing rigs in the world, to be honest. It’s large enough to draw attention in dirty water, but its small and streamlined enough to penetrate thick cover when fishing shallow water. 

I love fishing deep brush piles, shallow laydowns and offshore structure with these worms. Whenever the annual bass spawn is over, you can bet I’ll have one rigged until the end of the summer. 

The body withstands lots of bites

In addition to the head staying put, the body of the Zoom Mag 2 Worm also  exhibits impressive durability. Whether you’re getting “pecked” by bluegill or catch lots of big bass, you’ll have no complaints about durability with this worm. 

Final impressions

While it may not be the fanciest-looking soft plastic we’ve ever reviewed, it’s definitely a staple and deserves some serious credit for lots of double-digit bass around the world. If you’re having a hard time getting bites this summer, put one of these on a Texas rig and hang on. You’re going to get plenty of bites. 

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