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13 Fishing Dual Pitch Pencil Walking Bait

This unique topwater lure offers sound, castability, easy to walk action and beautiful colors.

Great components

13 Fishing launched into the lure side of fishing in 2018, and they are full steam ahead off of the early success of baits like their Dual Pitch Pencil Walking Bait. I have had a lot of guys send me notes about this bait, so I was pretty curious to see what the hype was about. 

It’s a well built bait with great finishes. But it also has high quality components like Owner split rings and stout hooks. It comes in two sizes: the 94 and the 108 mm versions. I fished the 108 exclusively. 

Awesome colors

I love the color options on the 13 Fishing Dual Pitch Pencil Walking Bait. The names of the colors are pretty funny, but the finishes are just exquisite. I really liked the Albino Rhino (an iridescent bone), Rave Bunny (matte black), Dream Gill and Greenie (translucent shad). 

The baits look great in the water, and you will be able to find a color that works for your water type. 

Hard cutting action

Besides how far you can throw these topwaters, you will really be impressed with how hard and quick you can start and keep walking these baits on such long casts. It’s one thing to be able to throw a topwater this size so far, but you have to get it to walk at that distance too.

I fished mine on 40-pound Seaguar Smackdown smoke braid. With that and a Falcon Lowrider Topwater rod, I could work magic with the Dual Pitch Pencil Walking Baits at distance. I’ve had several good outings with the walker, and it’s quickly become my go-to bait this summer for schooling fish. 

Great castability

The bait has two unique rattle systems that also provide weight to the rear of the bait on the cast, and it gives you an uncanny ability to launch this bait. The 108 Dual Pitch is barely 4 inches long and weighs only 3/4 ounce, but it seems like you’re casting a 2-ounce lure on braid. That makes it very nice when you want to stay off fish that are working bait on a big area. Or if you are waiting and casting to specific surface breaking fish.

Good hooking topwater

The hooks and profile make this bait easy for a fish to get a hold of and stay hooked. I landed a slew of bass from 1 to 3 pounds on it a few weeks ago and even small 13 and 14 inch bass had both hooks in them. That’s a quality often overlooked in a good topwater bait. 

Do the fish get hooked? The Dual Pitch is definitely in the “gets hooked” category.

Gets bit

I was impressed early and often with the 13 Fishing Dual Pitch Walking Bait. I keep it on the deck at all times now whenever I’m fishing schools of fish because you never know when they will come up busting or chasing bait out of the water. It calls the fish really well with a unique double sound chamber system and hard slashing side-to-side action. It’s a great one-two punch for bass with multiple sound and action when they are feeding aggressively. 

You can find the 13 Fishing Dual Pitch Walking Bait at and as well as other retailers carrying 13 Fishing hard baits now.