Yo-Zuri Superbraid Braided Line Review

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Braided fishing line isn’t all created equal. I have spent countless hours fishing with braided line and I can confidently say that there are a bunch of “so-so” lines out there and just a few excellent lines. Having the ability to power fish in just a few feet of water for 10 months each year has given me ample opportunities to try several different types of braid.

Until this past year, I was largely unfamiliar with Yo-Zuri’s fishing line. But once I got my hands on some, I quickly realized that it has some serious shoulders to it. Just because they’re not an exclusive line company doesn’t mean we should turn our noses up at them. This stuff can hold its own against some of the industry giants.

After using it for several thousands of casts, I wanted to quickly run through its most noteworthy characteristics in order to help you confidently make a decision the next time you’re purchasing fishing line.

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First and foremost, it doesn’t dig

This is probably the most important characteristic I look for when I’m testing a new braided line. If you’ve ever fished with braid, you know what a disaster it can be when your braid catches or digs on itself after you catch a fish. Everything seems fine until it’s time to make your next cast. Before you know it, it feels like someone has a pickup truck tied to your rod trying to rip it from your hands. Low-quality braided line can be an absolute nightmare because of this. 

After testing Yo-Zuri Superbraid, however, I’ve noticed that it really doesn’t dig into itself very easily which is a huge plus for me. I have primarily been testing the 50-pound size with swim jigs and frogs (.014-inch diameter) and haven’t had any line management issues even after really aggressive, short-lined hooksets. I can unhook the fish and make another cast immediately without any irritating line management issues or backlashes. 

Surprisingly quiet

One of the first things I noticed about this line was how quietly it came through the line guides. I’ve used a bunch of braid in the past that squeals and whines as it comes through the line guides. If I can hear it above the water, I feel like the fish can also hear it. Also, I imagine that if it’s that loud coming through line guides, it must also be equally as loud when it comes through vegetation or wood cover–almost like playing a violin. 

I could be wrong, but this has always been a big confidence deal for me. I just don’t like a loud braided line. 

The Yo-Zuri Superbraid is incredibly quiet coming through the guides. I first tested it while on the water with my wife and during the very first retrieve with my swim jig I told her how impressed I was by its quietness. You can barely hear it regardless of your technique, bait selection or retrieve. 

It has a fairly waxy feel to it, which I’m sure allows it to be so quiet. Even after a lot of casts, it maintains this waxy feeling and stays nearly silent.

Stays flat on the spool

Although I already briefly touched on it, I feel like it’s worth noting again that this line doesn’t need to be babied when you’re fishing. By that, I mean that you don’t need to be afraid to attempt complex casts with it. While a lot of other braids out there will backlash and cause a mess, this Yo-Zuri Superbraid seems to lay quite flat on the spool, which allows for easy skip casts underneath hanging cover. That’s certainly not always the case with other braided lines. 

I’ve liked this line so far because I can go down a stretch of bank with a frog, swim jig or flipping rig and just fish whatever looks good without worry of backlashes or castability issues. I can chuck my frog across a hydrilla mat, pitch it towards a laydown and skip it underneath a dock without needing a “special” rod to get it where it needs to go. It’s a very versatile option. The 50-pound test has been a real workhorse for me. 

Strength is not an issue

You won’t have to worry about strength with this line. As long as you don’t get it near rocks (every braided line’s nemesis), you’re not going to have any issues with break-offs or durability. You can set the hook as hard as you possibly can, rip the fish out of thick cover and boat flip ’em with no issues whatsoever. 

Final impressions

This is really good braided line at an excellent price point; it just proves that you don’t always have to break the bank to get quality fishing gear. Whether you’re new to braid or you’re looking for a less expensive option, I’d definitely recommend giving it a try. Its color does fade a little bit after excessive use, but it’s nothing a $1 black-colored permanent marker can’t fix. 

Yo-Zuri Superbraid is available at these online tackle retailers:

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