Yamamoto Cowboy Review

I’ve been fishing with the new multifaceted soft plastic creature bait from Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits called the Cowboy. I say multifaceted because it works well in a lot of presentations and can be modified to work in several more. 

Tough but flexible legs that move a lot of water

The legs are very sturdy. They won’t tear up after a few fish. But they still have enough pliability to move water well. The small appendages catch water and move with the slightest shake of the bait. 

Yamamoto proven colors

It comes in the many great and proven GYCB colors. I primarily fished Black and Blue, Watermelon Red and Green Pumpkin.

Very customizable bait

You can cut the tails, take off appendages and trim the bait down to change its profile and make it slick through cover easier or add bulk to a jig with the full profile.

You can come up with unique presentation options like this bed fishing bug

I experimented with making the bait really small but still have some flare in the water for things like fishing for bedding bass or fry guarders. Fish that might grab the big tails and not have the hook in their mouth. 

I’ve caught some nice ones flipping it

I caught several nice fish flipping the Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits Cowboy.

More solid than most flipping baits and jig trailers

Here is a healthy fish I got out of a bush this spring on the Cowboy. Check out the Yamamoto Cowboy here.

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