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WOO! Tungsten Pocket Pack Review

Although I make the majority of my living out of a bass boat, I’m still an avid bank angler. There are few things better in this world than walking the bank of your favorite pond and catching big bass. But for me, the problem has always been mobility. It’s essential to pack as lightly as possible so you’re able to quickly change locations and find bass in an efficient manner. I ran across the WOO! Tungsten Pocket Pack recently and got pretty excited about it. It’s a great value but even more importantly, it literally fits in your pocket and allows you to have your most essential terminal tackle ready to go, no matter where you’re fishing.

Your essentials in the palm of your hand

I love how compact this packaging is. Whenever I want to hit the pond for a half-hour before supper, I don’t have to dig through my big tackle trays anymore. I used to hop in my boat and cherry pick what I would bring to the pond, but I don’t have to do that anymore. I put the WOO! Tungsten Pocket Pack in my front-right pocket, grab a bag or two of soft plastics and hop in the truck. 

I think we all, myself very much included, overcomplicate this bass fishing gig a little too much at times. I’ve been on a mission to simplify my arsenal for the past few years and have been amazed at how many fish I can catch if I just keep things simple. This Pocket Pack really helps me in that pursuit. 

The pegs work great

Oddly enough, I’ve tested several types of bobber stops that don’t really work that great. They’re meant to keep your weight from sliding up and down your line, but a lot of them just don’t really do the job. I’m happy to report, however, that these work excellently. 

I’ve tested these on both heavy fluorocarbon and braided line and they do a great job of keeping my weight pegged at all times; even if I’m making repeated skip casts underneath overhanging cover. 

Everything you need for a bulletproof Texas rig

The weight is dense tungsten that’s very chip resistant, the bead protects your knot and creates a really cool “clacking” sound underwater and the peg, of course, keeps everything where it needs to be. What else could you want in a Texas rig? 

I’ve told my Wired2fish colleagues that I wish I had thought of this Pocket Pack years ago. In addition to bank anglers, I think co-anglers will find it to be incredibly convenient. Whether you’re fun fishing with a buddy or fishing a random-draw tournament, you’ll be able to carry a lot of essentials in a very small package. 

Impressive value

The WOO! Tungsten Pocket Pack starts at just $5.99. That’s tough to find when you’re talking about tungsten weights. This is one of the more impressive values I’ve come across this year and I will certainly be ordering more. As you can see, I keep a Pocket Pack in the door pocket of my truck at all times. 

The WOO! Tungsten Pocket Pack is available here