Tuff Skinz Outboard Motor Cover Review

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This has proven to be a great investment for all boat owners.

Protects your investment

I don’t own the newest or prettiest bass boat in the world, but I still worked hard to buy it and I try my best to take proper care of it. I actually just polished the cowling of my Yamaha V MAX and I have to admit, it’s looking pretty sharp. The problem is, however, that I like to fish really skinny water and I guide fishing trips-both don’t bode well for your outboard cowling.

I had the opportunity to test the Tuff Skinz Outboard Motor Cover and I believe it’s an outstanding investment for anyone who owns a bass boat. 

It doesn’t scratch your cowling

When I bought my boat, the previous owner left another cowling cover in the rod locker so I tried to use it. It ended up scratching my cowling and it almost made me sick to my stomach. There’s no point in using a cover if it’s going to do more harm than good.

The Tuff Skinz cover, however, has not scratched my cowling whatsoever. The inside is an extremely soft material and there’s nothing abrasive that could possibly damage your motor. 

Can you run the motor with the cover on?

Simply put: Yes, you can. I put mine on and headed straight to the boat ramp. I noticed zero performance loss while running at wide-open throttle. The motor temperature looked good and I was able to achieve the same speed as I do without the cowling.

The cover is vented, so you’re totally fine to use it while you’re on the water. Of course, it also does a great job at protecting your cowling while trailering your boat. 

Why I think it’s so practical

Even if the look isn’t your style, there are several practical reasons to own one-even if you just use it intermittently.

First off, I guide fishing trips and that back deck can get a little cramped for someone learning to skip a jig or shaky head underneath a dock. Whether it’s an errant back cast or a missed hookset, my cowling will lose some paint over the course of a year. Accidents happen. This Tuff Skinz cover allows me to protect that cowling from lead and tungsten smacking against it.

I also like to fish skinny water and a lot of boat docks. I have a big 21-foot Skeeter and weaving in between laydowns and tightly-spaced docks (when targeting walkways) can get pretty sporty at times. Every now and again my motor will rub against a dock post and this cover will make that a non-issue.

It’s also a smart idea if you fish desolate lakes or live on a dirt or gravel road. I have a gravel driveway and my truck and trailer tires love to sling rocks once I hit the pavement. I’d hate to have a rock smash into my cowling without this cover on. 

It’s super easy to put on

It takes about 30 seconds to put this cover over your cowling. Slip it on, tighten the strap at the bottom and clip it. That’s about as complicated as it gets. It also fits quite well and I have noticed no loosening while in use or any unwanted flapping at high speeds. 

Final impressions

After my testing, I can confidently say that this is a high-quality product that should last a very long time. It’s a smart idea to own one and if you’ve looked at the prices for repainting or replacing outboard cowlings, you’ll probably agree.

You can learn more or purchase this cover at TuffSkinz.net.