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Strike King 1.0 Squarebill Crankbait Review

Simply stated, I don’t think enough anglers use small crankbaits. We’re all familiar with generic-sized squarebills, but you’ll hardly see anyone throw the tiny ones. When the bass are in a funk and acting lethargic, however, these bite-sized squarebills can catch a pile of big bass when others won’t get a single bite.

I’ve used the Strike King 1.0 Squarebill for years when the fishing is tough and it has accounted for some of my biggest catches. Whether you’re faced with a crazy weather front or transitioning fish between seasons, this special little plug is one that everyone should have in their collection.

Deflects with the best of ’em

Not many crankbaits deflect as well as the Strike King 1.0 Squarebill. It’s certainly the most snag resistant small crankbait I’ve thrown. It deflects off of both wood and rock cover with ease and returns to center line quickly after each deflection. Lots of smaller crankbaits tend to “blow out” when they hit a piece of cover, but I’ve certainly not had that problem with this particular plug.

It’s also quite durable. For a $5.99 crankbait, this little dude can take some serious abuse. The bill doesn’t crack, chip or come off and the body of the crankbait resists splits, cracks and leaks very well. There’s not much that’s going to hurt this lure.

Tight wiggle

Strike King 1.0 Squarebill’s tight wiggle seems to produce all year long. I wish I could give you a particular season when it’s best, but it really does catch ’em all year long. It’s a great prespawn option when the bass are holding tight to cover, it’s a great post-spawn option for fooling fry guarders, it’s a great summer option when the bass get flat-out tough to catch and it’s a great fall option when the bass are chasing schools of small baitfish in the backs of creeks. 

I’m pretty sure all of that was a run-on sentence, but I was trying to make the point that this crankbait should be rigged on one of your rods at all times. You will never look at my front deck or open my rod locker without seeing at least one rigged and ready.

Throw it and you will catch fish. 

Small profile matches the hatch excellently

At 2 inches long and 1/4-ounce, this crankbait is an excellent imitation of natural bass forage. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had bluegill and shad spit up in my livewell that are the exact same size as this plug. Next time you see a bunch of bluegill hanging out underneath a boat dock, compare ’em to the Strike King 1.0 Squarebill; I bet they’ll almost be an identical size. 

The way the bass eat this plug backs up my point. They’re convinced it’s the real thing and they’ll destroy it when it gets around ’em. 

Final impressions

Do yourself a favor and get one of these rigged up. The next time you’re struggling out on the water, give it a chance and you’ll become a big-time believer like I am. It’s affordable, it’s tough, it’s easy to fish and most importantly, the bass choke it. 

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