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T-H Marine Tackle Titan Travel Boss Backpack Review


Like most of you reading this, I absolutely love the outdoors. I get stir crazy if I sit around the house, so I’m always looking for reasons to get outside. Whether I’m fishing, hunting, playing on the lake, hitting the beach for a weekend with my wife or chewing the fat with old friends around a tailgate, I’m choosing the outdoors over the indoors any day of the week.

Being outside so much, I run into two specific problems pretty often. I don’t feel like lugging a heavy cooler around for my cold drinks and I also don’t feel like hauling all of my fishing gear around. When you’re fishing, especially from the bank, mobility is essential and if you’re shoving all of your tackle into grocery bags or clunky tackle boxes, you’re not able to relocate as easily which can hurt your chances of catching fish. It ain’t as easy to move around when you have so many soft plastics shoved in your pockets that your britches are falling off your behind.

I recently ran across the T-H Marine Tackle Titan Travel Boss Backpack and decided to give it a try. After lots of use for all kinds of different things, I can confidently say that it’s the best outdoors backpack I’ve owned. Keep in mind, I rarely say the word “best” in my reviews.

I’ll run through what makes this backpack so handy for folks like my wife and me.