T-H Marine Tackle Titan Travel Boss Backpack Review

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Like most of you reading this, I absolutely love the outdoors. I get stir crazy if I sit around the house, so I’m always looking for reasons to get outside. Whether I’m fishing, hunting, playing on the lake, hitting the beach for a weekend with my wife or chewing the fat with old friends around a tailgate, I’m choosing the outdoors over the indoors any day of the week.

Being outside so much, I run into two specific problems pretty often. I don’t feel like lugging a heavy cooler around for my cold drinks and I also don’t feel like hauling all of my fishing gear around. When you’re fishing, especially from the bank, mobility is essential and if you’re shoving all of your tackle into grocery bags or clunky tackle boxes, you’re not able to relocate as easily which can hurt your chances of catching fish. It ain’t as easy to move around when you have so many soft plastics shoved in your pockets that your britches are falling off your behind.

I recently ran across the T-H Marine Tackle Titan Travel Boss Backpack and decided to give it a try. After lots of use for all kinds of different things, I can confidently say that it’s the best outdoors backpack I’ve owned. Keep in mind, I rarely say the word “best” in my reviews.

I’ll run through what makes this backpack so handy for folks like my wife and me.

It’s not just a cooler. It’s a darn good cooler.

I’ve seen some backpacks out there that claim to be coolers as well. I have tried a few and my friends have some as well. I don’t like them, if I’m being honest. You’ll pay hundreds of bucks for some of these silly things and your ice turns to straight water in a few hours and the zipper either gets stuck or pops off. My $35 1980s-era cooler does a better job. 

The T-H Marine Tackle Titan Travel Boss Backpack, however, is an unbelievable cooler. It has a large open compartment on the inside that’s fully insulated and waterproof, so not only is it a good tackle bag, but it’ll keep ice for days. A lot of companies make that claim, but it’s definitely true with this bag.

I live in south Georgia and it gets stupid hot here; sometimes I even question why I live here. You can put a cooler full of water and beer outside and it’ll get hot within a few hours. Then you have to stop what you’re doing, go to the corner store and get more ice. This backpack, however, will keep your drinks cold for an entire weekend. Your ice stays ice and the backpack doesn’t leak at all, so you can set it inside without any worries.

Perhaps my favorite thing is how easy it is to carry. You can fit up to 32 cans in this backpack, fill it to the top with ice and just sling it over your shoulder and take it anywhere. You don’t have to carry that heavy cooler down to the beach, across a parking lot at a tailgate, or down to the dock. The padded shoulder straps make it a easier to tote around, even when it’s full.

Heck, my wife and I have even used this bag to take hot casseroles to family get togethers. It ain’t a party down here unless you have 16 casseroles and this backpack is actually a really good way to transport warm covered dishes. It keeps ’em hot for the car ride and you don’t even need to reheat it when you get there. 

Fits a lot of fishing gear in the main compartment, too

You can also dump your ice out, wipe out the inside and use this backpack to store a bunch of fishing tackle, too. The insulation doubles as thick padding for your gear, so you can throw this thing in the bed of your truck or into your kayak and your tackle will be totally protected.

I can fit five 3700-size tackle trays in the main compartment, stacked vertically from left to right. That gives me plenty of tackle options, which I really like. If the fishing gets tough at the pond, I have plenty of other lures I can choose from. 

You’re not going to hurt this backpack

It’s pretty difficult to overstate the durability of this backpack. I have purposely been rougher than normal with it and I can see it lasting for years to come without any hesitation. Both the waterproof zippers and material of this backpack is virtually indestructible from what I can tell so far.

I also like how overbuilt the top grab handle and the shoulder straps are. You can yank on ’em all day long and they’re not going to rip, which is a big deal to me. I’ve pulled the stiches out of my fair share of tackle bags over the years and that’s absolutely not an issue with the T-H Marine Tackle Titan Travel Boss Backpack. 

Convenient rod holders for easy mobility

As I said earlier, mobility equals success when you’re fishing from the bank. If you have to pick up your rods and untangle them every time you want to move, you’re a lot less apt to move around to find fish.

I think it’s pretty cool that T-H Marine designed this backpack with two rod holders. They’re made from the same durable material so they’re not going to rip and they hold both spinning and casting rods without any issues. I personally don’t use them too much because I catch the rods during my back cast and it makes it a little tough to navigate through brush and underneath branches. But I can definitely see a lot of folks getting some good use out of this feature. 

Side pockets are a nice addition

I don’t like a lot of stuff in my pockets while I’m fishing, so the four side pockets on the T-H Marine Tackle Titan Travel Boss Backpack are a major plus for me. They’re big enough to store a bunch of bags of soft plastics, too. I also like to keep my wallet, sunglasses, keys and phone in these pockets while I’m fishing. 

The companion bag is more useful than I thought

This backpack comes with a seperate, removable companion bag inside of the main compartment. I’ll be honest, though, I didn’t really know what to do with it at first. I still don’t use it every time I use the backpack, but there are a few situations in which it’s pretty convenient.

It can hold one 3700-size tackle tray along with enough room for a few snacks for you and the kids. It’s also a good way to store a bunch of soft plastics. If you’re like me, you bring way too many of ’em to the pond, so I’ll keep this bag in my truck sometimes with my extra soft baits.

You can also use it as a cooler if you want to. It’s worth noting, however, that it has considerably less lining than the backpack and the zipper is not waterproof. But for a quick trip to the pond, it will do the trick. I tested out its capacity and it will fit 15 12-ounce cans. 

Final impressions

This is going to be used by my family and me for years to come. It is probably one of the most convenient things we own, to be honest. Whether you’re fishing, grilling out with buddies, hunting, kayaking, camping, hiking or heading to the beach, you’re going to find a bunch of uses for this backpack. I highly recommend it.

The T-H Marine Tackle Titan Travel Boss Backpack is available at TackleWarehouse.com