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Sufix Advance Monofilament Line Review

A new line has us reverting back to mono for a lot of fishing applications.

Check out Sufix Advance at these stores. Well worth the $10+ price tag.

Premium monofilament line

Sufix released their Advanced Monofilament line in 2018. We got some sample spools in late 2017 and have been fishing it off and on a lot over the last few years. I actually have liked the line so well, I went back to using monofilament for several applications. 

The Sufix Advance is currently being sold in 330 yard spools in sizes from 4-pound test to 25-pound test.

Spools precision wound

Sufix was one of the first companies to precision wind the line on their spools to avoid criss crossed line and causing pinch points and less smooth casting line. The smoothness of Sufix Advance is noticeable as is its limpness. Those are two characteristics that transfer into better casting and fishing line.

Lays nice on a reel spool

I have been really happy with how the Sufix Advance has behaved on my reels. It stays limp and doesn’t seem to kink and bind as much as other lines even in windy conditions. It has a lot less memory, but it also has a lot less stretch that previous monofilaments I’ve used from Sufix. 

Sufix Advance is made with HMPE and hyper co-polymer materials which is said to give the line more sensitivity, 50% less stretch that other monos or co-polys while maintaining a supple quality to keep it fishing well for many fishing trips. 

Resists kinking

I’ve fished a lot with the 12-20 pound Sufix Advance lines and have been really happy at how well the line has fished after weeks and months of use. It doesn’t get coily as fast so you’re not constantly battling loops in windy conditions. 

Line is real durable

I’ve actually flipped and pitched with Sufix Advance a good bit and have been very pleased with how well it held up in heavy cover. I like to use 25-pound line when the water is really high and I’m really pitching way back into the flooded cover as was the case this time last year. 

I caught several big bass pitching way back behind bushes and over washed up trees. I even fished from the bank some and caught a couple big ones from the bank on it where I was having to cast way over bushes and trees from the bank and then fight the fish back through it all. 

Fishes really well

Sufix Advance is strong and lasts on a spool for many uses. In fact I’ve been so happy with it, I’ve switched to using monofilament a lot more in the last year.

I’ve been fishing 14-pound monofilament for topwaters that I fish around shallow cover. I’ve been fishing 10-12 pound Sufix Advance on shallow crankbaits and jerkbaits. I’ve flipped with 20 and 25-pound Advance and I’ve been throwing big swimbaits like a Bull Shad on 25-pound Sufix Advance.

Very good knot strength

The knots on the Sufix Advance Monofilament have been awesome. Not binding or cutting. The knots are smooth and strong with no slippage. I’ve thrown 3- and 4-ounce swimbaits on the 25-pound line without issue. I’ve flipped a bunch with it around metal docks and gnarly bushes.

Big one on Advance

This is a fish from last spring that I caught flipping cover from the bank. I was using the Advance Mono, however I couldn’t tell anyone because it wasn’t released yet to the general public.

Terry Bolton got a bunch of it early and had some top 10 finishes on it fishing spinnerbaits around heavy cover on Cumberland and Harris Chain. So he let me borrow some of his and got some nice fish on it before it was announced to the public.

Check out Sufix Advance at these stores. Well worth the $10+ price tag.

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