Strike King Red Eye Tungsten 2 Tap Review

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Lipless crankbaits are one of the few baits that work year round. There are obviously times where they are at their prime, but because of the options in sizes, colors and sounds, you can usually find some sort of bite on a lipless crankbait. For that reason, we’re always checking out the new ones that come to market, and lately I’ve been fishing the new Strike King Red Eye Tungsten 2 Tap lipless crankbait.


What you will like about it

If you’re like me, you have a box full of lipless crankbaits but I keep buying more. I lose some here and there as they are not very forgiving around wood cover. But I’ve definitely seen days where a certain color and especially a certain “sound” outproduced all others.

For that reason, variety is the key and the new Strike King Red Eye Tungsten 2 Tap offers a unique attractive sound in a proven package. The Red Eye shad quickly became as staple among lipless crankbait fishermen. Alongside the Rat-L-Trap and the Booyah Hard Knocker (formerly the XCalibur XR50), the Red Eye shad proved it was a fish catcher with anglers all across the country.


The new Tungsten 2 Tap lipless crankbait features a two part sound chamber that emits an almost back and forth rattle that is unique from most other rattling baits and one knockers on the market. It’s somewhere between the high pitch of bb rattling lipless and the dull knock of a one-knocker type lipless. Giving anglers a third sound option generally speaking.

The Tungsten 2 Tap casts just as well as the original Red Eye and comes in some of the new colors that we really like including Natural Shad and Orange Bream.

I’ve caught several fish on the Strike King Tungsten 2 Tap this fall in the 2 to 3 pound range and a few bigger. It casts well, comes with decent hooks, a lot of colors to choose from and is priced moderately high at $7.89.

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