Strike King Perfect Plastic KVD Finesse Worm Review

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Finesse fishing for bass usually isn’t my first choice, but it’s impossible to deny the effectiveness of a light line approach when the fishing gets tough. When the bass are especially wary and difficult to catch, I’ve learned to keep the Strike King Perfect Plastic KVD Finesse Worm nearby. Sure, it’s small and dainty, but I’ve done extremely well with it throughout the entire year.

Unique tail design

I used to think that all finesse-type worms were the same. They’re small, they wiggle and they catch tiny fish—right? That’s not the case in my opinion.

The Strike King Perfect Plastic KVD Finesse Worm has a really cool beveled tail design that puts off a ton of commotion when compared to several other finesse worms. As it falls through the water column, it leaves a big trail of bubbles all the way to the bottom. When you just barely twitch the worm, whether it’s on a shaky head, drop shot or wacky rig, the tail puts of an outstanding action.

Whenever I use a soft plastic a lot, I experiment with it a lot in shallow, clear water because I want to know how it reacts when I can’t see it. When you put this worm on a shaky head, the tail design actually traps air, allowing it to stand up in the water. As you drag or twitch the shaky ahead across the bottom, it slowly releases that air as bubbles, which may be the reason I get so many bites on this little dude.

Impressed by its durability

It seems like all the finesse baits I use feel like soft jelly—they need to have a lot of action, but this increase in action often leads to a decrease in durability. If you get a bite with these finesse baits, whether you miss it or catch it, you better have another bait nearby.

Fortunately, the Strike King Perfect Plastic KVD Finesse Worm is extremely durable when you take into account how incredibly soft it is. When you take one out of the package, you’d think it would fall apart if you pinched it between your fingers too hard, but that’s definitely not the case. On average, I catch 5 to 6 bass with each one of these worms. They hold up excellently and flat-out catch fish.

Consistent coloring

I don’t necessarily like to “buy in” to the theory of using thousands of different colors for bass fishing—they have a pea-sized brain, so I don’t believe in making it harder than it should be. I have, however, seen instances where soft plastic color consistency plays a big role in a pattern, especially where I grew up on Lake Lanier.

A lot of the bags of soft plastic baits you buy will have very inconsistent coloring. One worm will have a bunch of flake while another one will have practically zero flake. In stained and muddy water, I don’t think it makes a difference but when you’re talking about eight feet of water clarity, I absolutely believe in the importance of color consistency.

When you buy a pack of Strike King Perfect Plastic KVD Finesse Worms, all of the worms look identical. There’s no color or flake discrepancy, giving you the peace of mind you need to stay concentrated on fishing.

Great value

One 15-pack of 5-inch Strike King Perfect Plastic KVD Finesse Worms will set you back $4.29, which equals about 28 cents per worm. If we use my average—6 fish on each worm—that’s potentially 90 fish per bag. That ain’t too shabby, folks.

In all seriousness, I don’t like paying an arm and a leg for soft plastic baits because they’ll eventually be worthless. Strike King has made an incredible, durable finesse worm at a competitive price, which makes me much more apt to invest my money in them.

If you’re looking for a way to fool these frustrating winter bass, I believe you’ll have a lot of luck with the Strike King Perfect Plastic KVD Finesse Worm—it has definitely helped me.

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