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Spearpoint GP Finesse Hook Review

I have been lucky enough to try out the entire lineup of Spearpoint Hooks, all of which have their own specific time and place. I have used everything from their Fury Flipping Hooks all the way to their trailer hooks. However one specific hook that has been especially productive for me this summer is the Spearpoint GP Finesse Hook. Here in Alabama, a drop shot is a major player during the dog days of summer. Recently I have been using the Spearpoint GP Finesse Drop Shot Hook, and have noticed a few key attributes that really makes this hook stand out. 


The Spearpoint GP Finesse Hook is a light wire finesse hook designed with Spearpoint’s V-Grip technology. This hook is designed with a distinct V-shape at the bottom of the hook. The purpose of this is to increase your landing percentage by locking fish into this V-shaped bend. The sharp bend in the hook keeps it from sliding around in the fish’s mouth during a strenuous fight.

On a typical round bend hook the shaft can move around in the fishes mouth, often causing you to lose a fish during a jump or other evasive maneuver. The sharp V-shaped bend present in all Spearpoint hooks pins fish in the hooks bend, making it much harder for them to spit the bait.

This hook is also extremely strong, even with its light-wire material. This leads to great hook penetration without compromising the strength and durability of the hook. The Spearpoint GP Finesse Hook comes in a multitude of different sizes making it a great choice for any drop shot, wacky or neko-rig presentation. 


I have a good bit of experience using the Spearpoint GP Finesse Hook, and have found a few scenarios where this hook really shines. While this hook is a great option for wacky and neko rig application, I’ve mainly been using it for drop shots. Here in Alabama, the drop shot is a major player once water temperatures reach the mid to high 80’s. This is when I really like to employ the Spearpoint GP Finesse Drop Shot Hook.

Recently, I have been using the 2/0 sized hook for my weedless drop shot applications. This hook is large enough to allow for weedless rigging, while still light enough to deliver great hook penetration. I’ve also been using the smaller No. 2 size for nose-hook applications. This has been a great option for open water and targeting specific fish using live sonar. The V-shaped bend in this hook really allows for a great landing percentage when fighting larger sized fish on light wire hooks.

Both sizes of the Spearpoint GP Finesse Hook have been a huge player for me this summer, and is something I will continue to use. This is especially true when targeting aggressive southern spotted bass on light tackle. The acrobatics of these fish can lead to tons of missed opportunities, so I really like to implement this V-Grip technology when trying to keep these fish pinned in a tournament situation.

The Spearpoint GP Finesse Hook is a great choice for any drop shot, wacky or neko-rig application, especially when dealing with fish that love to jump. If your looking to find a hook that has great hook penetration, landing percentage and durability, the Spearpoint GP Finesse Hook is a great option. 

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