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Screwy Lewy Jig Review

For the last year or so I have been throwing some products from a Corydon, Ind. company called Screwy Lewy Lures. Their dependability and attention to detail has really impressed me.Their jigs and spinnerbaits continue to evolve and have been a well-kept secret in my area for the last couple of years. 


I have been using three of their four styles of jigs quite often. I use the football, the brush jig and the swim jig depending on conditions; but I really like how they all combine Mustad hooks, great skirt material, extended weedguards, quality paint jobs and colors that work well in both clear and muddy water. 

Their watermelon craw, baby bass and magic craw colors are near perfect for the waters I fish in Illinois and when teamed up with a Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Craw, it’s a hard combination to beat whether I’m fishing wood, grass or rock.

The powder paint jobs are smooth and the heads are both consistent and durable. They hold up well in rip-rap and rocky bottoms well. I like the direct-line-of-pull line ties that put the point of the hook in-line with the center of the horizontal line ties. They hand tie the skirts with a .024 galvanized wire and each silicone skirt has at least 60 strands. 


In my area, our forage is mainly shad and crawfish and Magic Craw has become a favorite as a result. A few strands of a light blue iridescent skirt material really sets off the green pumpkin. I contrast trailer colors with pumpkins and dark watermelon but rarely toss a jig that doesn’t have a hint of chartreuse on the pincher tips, especially with the Ultra Vibe. 

When the water clears heading into summer I like Whiskey Craw, especially around docks where brush and rocks are present. Brown Whiskey is another affective color in stained water and I have pretty much settled on the Zoom Z Craw trailer to give that bait a larger profile. 


Jim Lewis and his wife run the company and he is the kind of guy that doesn’t settle on mediocrity; his products have to be perfect or they don’t leave the factory. I like that in a manufacturer and it tells me that my purchase means as much to him as it does to me. They also make buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, soft plastics and Kraw skirts with pinchers too.  

You can order them on their website.