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13 Fishing Muse Gold Spinning Rod Review

Spinning rods are an essential tool for the versatile bass angler. Conditions don’t always allow for beefy jigs and big reaction lures, so I always keep some spinning rods in my boat for when the fishing gets tough. 

I’ve been testing the 6-foot, 9-inch medium-action 13 Fishing Muse Gold Spinning Rod for several weeks and it has performed excellently. Whether I’m using weightless soft plastics or small shaky heads, I’ve found this rod to be an outstanding choice for finesse fishing. 

What you’ll like about it

When you get your hands on the 13 Fishing Muse Gold Spinning Rod, you’ll first notice its weightlessness. I can deal with heavier rods when I’m fishing with heavier lines in thick cover, but I’m a huge fan of a lightweight rod for finesse tactics.This particular rod feels wonderful in your hands and allows for big-time comfort when you’re spending long days on the water. 


This rod is also quite sensitive; it’s easily one of the most sensitive fishing rods I’ve tested this year. When you’re fishing your favorite weightless soft plastic baits on it, you’ll often feel the water being pushed away from the bait before you see the strike. If you’re dragging a bottom-contact bait, you’ll be able to feel the slightest changes in bottom composition. I’ve spent many evenings testing it at one of my ponds—one I’ve fished for several years—and have actually found some small patches of rocks that I never knew were there. 

The balance of this rod should also be mentioned; it’s beautifully done. Although it felt a bit tip-heavy before I added a reel to it, I was quickly impressed once I got everything put together and rigged up. I like to fish soft jerkbaits a lot and it can really do some damage on your forearms over time; but this rod makes it very comfortable and easy. 


This particular length, power and action (LPA) is tailor-made for dock fishing in my opinion. I used the same dock skipping spinning rod for about 10 years and it finally broke, so I’ve actually been on the hunt for a suitable replacement—and this is the one. Its fast taper allows your back casts to load easily and skip lightweight baits into tight places, but it also has enough power to execute a powerful hookset and manipulate big bass away from potential hazards. 

I’m a big fan of this particular length—6 feet, 9 inches—when I’m fishing in tight quarters whether I’m on my boat or fishing from shore. You’re able to make quick and crisp roll casts without hitting your rod tip against your boat windshield, docks or nearby trees. 

My experiences with it

I’ve been loving this rod for the past several weeks. The fishing has been a little tough for me, so it has been a perfect opportunity to break out my finesse gear and put it to the test. 


I’ve used this rod with stick worms, floating worms, shaky heads and very lightweight Texas rigs with excellent results. You can cast these small baits a country mile and work them with precision without any problems whatsoever. As I mentioned earlier, the sensitivity of this rod is just downright impressive. I’ve been able to feel each and every movement of my bait and have missed exactly zero bites thus far. The fish have been in a really weird mood in my area, so the bites have been very subtle; but this rod has been a major equalizer for me. 


Equally as impressive has been the forgiveness of the 13 Fishing Muse Gold Spinning Rod. When you hook a big bass on light line, any type of surges are a potential disaster and while many anglers think it’s strictly a function of the reel, your rod’s taper has a lot to do with it. This particular rod absorbs the shock of sudden surges excellently and gives your reel’s drag just a bit longer to engage. I’ve yet to lose a fish on this rod and I’m of the belief that its taper is the primary factor. 

I also like the large section of EVA foam on the butt section of the rod. I use my rod butt a lot when skipping finesse lures underneath docks and overhangs, and the EVA gives me a lot of control when I’m making complex casts. 

Final impressions


This rod performs and looks like a much more expensive rod. It handles big fish without a problem, but maintains the sensitivity needed to subtly present finesse lures when the fishing is tough. It’s comfortable, powerful and fishes like a dream; I think this is going to be a big hit for my fellow anglers. 

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