Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver Review

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The Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver started a craze, a tournament winning one.  Ask Rusty Salewske. Ask Tommy Biffle. Ask Joe Lunchbucket. The Sweet Beaver is the dessert. Its the icing on the cake. Its like ringing the dinner bell and it has staying power. East to West, North to South this bait has been a tournament proven fish catcher since it was designed by bait making genius and professional angler Andre Moore. It has been copied more times than a government spending report but there is only one true original Sweet Beaver.
Not only is it a hot seller and a must for every anglers tackle arsenal but the color variations are unlimited and with three sizes it fits a ton of applications and water colors. If you flip, the Beaver is the deal.
The reason for its success is simple. Once you get one of their baits in your hands you notice the differences. It won’t WOW you with jiggle, wiggle and action but because Reaction Innovations has taken pain staking effort in the detail and  perfected two and three color shot patterned baits, it works.The Sweet Beaver has some killer combinatons that combine both swirl and two-tone patterns and its different.  It says its time to eat to a bass.
The Sweet Beaver is innovative. The 4.5 inch Sweet Beaver features a body with forward facing ribs/segments that create lots of pressure waves and catches air that let bass know something is moving and alive and gives the bass a feel that they like when they eat it. The solid body offers a recessed centerline for better hook penetration. The business end of the lure is thick to hold your hook without tearing and it can be used for multiple fish. It holds up well.  
The beaver tail is long and blends well with the body of the bait. The textured design on the flat tail surface adds to the look. The tail can be split so you can have a twin tail look to give it more action or you can leave the tail together to give it a gliding effect on the flip.The Sweet Beaver also has two uniquely shaped legs at the base of the body set at 90 degrees to the beaver tail for more movement and to give the bait balance.
The Sweet Beaver can be fished numerous ways but flipping and pitching is the deal. Heavy brush, thick grass mats, rocks and blowdowns are all magnets to bass and the Beaver can entice even the most finicky bass into checking it out and taking a boat ride.
We have used the Beaver on lakes, ponds and rivers and it flat catches bass in all of them. We typically rig it with a heavy rod on heavy line, tungsten weights and a 5/0 Offset straight shank hook. We also are impressed with the Reaction Innovations BMF straight shank hook when punching grass mats. The hook-up ratio seems to be better and it enters the grass more cleanly without hanging up. We always add the Reaction Innovations Barb on this hook to keep the nose of the bait in position.
The Inside Scoop
The Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver comes in nearly 50 colors and retails for $4.59. It comes in a package of 10.
The Beaver comes in 3 sizes, Original, Double wide and Smallie Beaver.
Rumor has it that several new Reaction Innovations products are about to be launched and a new Sexy Shad pattern Skinny Dipper is now available.
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