Falcon Lowrider Casting Rod Review

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Admittedly, I’ve been largely unfamiliar with the Falcon Rods lineup until lately. I’ve had an opportunity, however, to test a few of their rods over the past few months and to be quite honest, I’m sick that it took me this long to discover them. They have repeatedly impressed not only me, but the entire Wired2fish staff. We have been crazy about them.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time testing the Falcon Lowrider this summer and I’ve found it to be one of the best all-purpose rods I’ve tested in recent years. At an attractive price point, I expect these rods to be a big hit for anglers of all skill levels. I’ll quickly take you through the most noteworthy characteristics.

Lightweight and beautifully balanced

Anglers aren’t easily fooled when it comes to fishing rods. Although it can be hard to articulate at times, we’ve all held a rod that simply feels clunky and cumbersome. This is usually due to a heavy blank and poorly balanced design. When you start dabbling in the $100 to $129 price point, you’ll run into this type of rod more than you think. They’re not all created equal. 

The Falcon Lowrider Casting Rod, however, feels wonderful in your hands and its near-perfect balance is truly something to behold. Whether you’re chucking a moving bait or bouncing a soft plastic off of the bottom, you’ll certainly be impressed by the Lowrider’s balance. 

There’s no hand or forearm fatigue to speak of whatsoever. The tip is not too heavy and the butt-section balances really nicely once you put a low-profile reel onto the reel seat.

High-quality cork

I’ve put this rod through its paces with both bass and striped bass, left it in my rod locker in humid climates and have let several guide clients use it as well. I haven’t noticed any premature wear on the cork. 

A lot of low-quality cork will start to peel and flake after just a few months of use, but I’ve been quite impressed by how well this cork has held up. It looks almost brand new and provides a solid grip in all weather conditions. 

Aerospace-rated carbon fiber blank

This is definitely one of the most lightweight rods I’ve had an opportunity to test lately. Utilizing a high-grade, aerospace-rated carbon fiber blank, the Lowrider feels and fishes like a rod priced in the $250 range; and that’s no exaggeration. 

Don’t mistake its weightlessness for weakness, however. We’ve all boat-flipped several nice bass using these rods and have experienced exactly zero rod failures. The Lowrider has proven to be tough as nails in a wide variety of situations. 

It’s also worth noting this rod’s sensitivity. Without even thinking about it, I’m able to easily detect slight changes in bottom composition and those soft, “mushy” bites when I’m faced with lethargic bass. 

Final impressions

If you’re in the market for an all-purpose casting rod that can handle just about any technique in your repertoire, I certainly suggest taking a long, hard look at the Falcon Lowrider series. I tested the 7-foot, medium heavy-action Lowrider and I haven’t found much that it can’t do. Whether you want to skip ChatterBaits under docks, pitch a jig, sling a spinnerbait or drag a big worm in brush piles, you can just about do it all with this rod. 

The Falcon Lowrider Casting Rod is available at TackleWarehouse.com