Lunker City Tube Review

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A tube has been a proven bass fishing staple for decades. One of the tubes I’ve used a lot this spring and early summer is the Lunker City Tube. I got back to flipping a tube last fall and got several colors of the Lunker City tube this spring to try flipping, pitching, skipping and otherwise fishing around shallow cover and even dragging out deep.

The Lunker City Tube has been formulated with a double dip process that gives the tube more durability without make the walls so rigid that it has no action or won’t rig well on a hook. They ended up developing a really good consistency in the plastic that made it compress easy on the bite but also maintained it’s integrity after several fish. In fact I had an action-filled day of flipping and pitching earlier this summer and only used three Lunker City tubes all day.

You can insert a jighead into the tube and hop it around and drag it along on the bottom and it has that great spiraling action a tube is known for on the fall. On short sharp hops, the tube will leap in small little circles over and over again. It looks like a crawfish and a baitfish at the same time and at 4-inches it is at the perfect profile to be effective for all species of bass at all depths.

I fished the Black Neon color a lot this spring in dirty water and switched to crawfish color as the water warmed and the clarity got better. I prefer Texas rigging a tube, especially when fishing around cover. I mentioned in an earlier review on the Trokar Tube Hook that it was a pretty lethal combination for bass this spring in the bushes on Kentucky Lake.


The hook shape allowed for perfect rigging and the Lunker City Tube collapsed easily and exposed the bite of the hook well for some crazy solid hooksets. A bunch of the bass I caught flipping bushes had the hook wedged so deep in the roof of their mouth I would have to use pliers and literally pull as hard as I could muster to get the hook out. 

A tube is a very versatile soft plastic. The Lunker City Tube had the perfect formulation to make a soft enough bait to have a lot of action, yet it was solid enough to stay on the hook through multiple fish. And the nice thing about a tube is if it tears up a bit, you can usually just rotate it a little and re-rig for a few more fish.

The Lunker City Tube comes 8 to a pack in 7 colors and you can find them easily on as well as other retailers that carry Lunker City soft plastic bass fishing lures. 


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