Jenko Offspring Buzzbait Review

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A buzzbait has supplied some of my most memorable bass fishing days. So I’m always eager to play with new ones that I get. I received a few of the Jenko Offspring Buzzbaits this spring to toss around and wanted to share the details on this bait if you were interested in knowing more about its interesting clacker.

Good profile and sound

The Jenko Offspring Buzzbait offers you a full-sized, big-bladed, noisy buzzbait with a full skirt for a big profile for drawing bigger bass lurking in shady, shallow water. Because of its size, head and the design of its “spring ticker,” you can cast it very accurately at a distance. 

Distance and accuracy are often overlooked with buzzbait and the Offspring gives you both. You’re often trying to hit a narrow lane, skip it under some shady spot or drop it right next a precise target that could be holding a big bass. Being able to come within inches of those shallow targets is what I liked about the Offspring. 

Good blade and components

The blade on the Jenko Offspring Buzzbait moves freely and has a great sound right out of the package. The clicker actually holds the blade in place in the cast which keeps it from turning into a fan and stalling your cast. The brass bead, crimped grommet and heavy duty wire makes the buzzbait get better and better after every trip. 

Hand-tied skirt and meaty keeper

The skirts are hand tied and offer a lot of bulk and help the bait stay up a little easier on a long cast. The meat keeper holds your trailer really well. If you put a drop of super glue on it with your keeper it will stay on there until a fish tears it in half. The hook is sharp and strong. I’ve fished it on braid a bunch without any flex. It’s a more compact hook with a bit smaller diameter than you see on a lot of buzzbaits which I think helps with driving a hook.

Proven colors

I generally only throw three colors of buzzbaits. Black for dark days, muddy water and at night. White for anytime I think the fish are really on baitfish like around a shad spawn. And then some brighter color like a chartreuse and white for dingy water or when I think the fish are reacting a bit better to brighter colors in certain conditions. 

Note: the black Jenko Offspring Buzzbait comes with a black blade. I swapped it for a gold blade just to have a bit different look. 

Interesting clacker buzzbait

The sound on this buzzbait is really good. The spring doesn’t interfere with the blades ability to churn water and it actually helps the bait when casting it. So it’s definitely an interesting addition to my buzzbait box. A lot of features packed into this one. 

Caught some big ones in early summer

I caught a couple really good fish post spawn on the black buzzbait on a dark rainy day. I’ve had a bunch of keeper catches this summer on the chartreuse and white one. So I’ve been very happy with this buzzbait. If you like full skirt buzzbaits, a unique sound and great castability, then the Jenko Offspring is one to consider. 

You can find them for $8.99 on and as well as local retailers that carry Jenko fishing products. 

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