Jenko DCVR Gambler Rods Review

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Here are the details and experiences thus far with the new Jenko bass fishing rods released for 2019.

Workhorse rod line

The Jenko Fishing DCVR Gambler Series of rods features 12 models to cover all your bases in bass fishing. The DCVR (pronounced deceiver) rods feature Carbon Fiber Paratek blended blanks for maximum lifting power and durability while maintaining a balanced platform for all your fishing situations. 

The Gambler Series combines incredible strength with a parabolic bend to give you a worry free fishing experience. I’ve gone up in the flooded cover and banged them into tree branches, bushes docks and everything else while fighting fish out of tight corridors and swung nearly every bass I’ve caught on them thus far. 

The handles feature tacky soft DCVR AWG all-weather comfort grips for maximum control with a soft touch for long days of fishing. 

Carbon fiber Paratek blanks

Their exclusive Paratek processing incorporates the latest technology in carbon fiber blending into making the blanks and all the rods feature a parabolic bend to keep pressure on the fish uniformly throughout the fight. 

The rods range from the 6-foot, 9-inch medium-light spinning rod to the 7-foot, 10-inch heavy casting rod. Their are two spinning and 10 casting models in the line-up. 

I’ve found the 7-foot medium and 7-foot, 3-inch medium heavy rods to be my workhorse rods this spring already. I’ve caught a slough of bass from Kentucky to Louisiana to North Carolina on the rods already. The 7-foot medium rod has been a great spinnerbait rod and the 7-foot, 3-inch rod has been good for flipping, frogging and even casting big jigs and small swimbaits. 

Ergonomic Foundation seat

Their Foundation reel seats offer a blank through design so you can keep in contact with the blank while palming your reel on the Gambler rods. The real seat is strong and light and offers good balance on these rods. 

Premium ALPS guides

They used premium ALPS guides on the rods from Batson Enterprises. These ALPS guides have offered smooth casting and good line management on the DCVR rods. The first few feeder guides have solid triple foot designs and then taper into smaller single foot guides. 

Comfortable grips

The grips are comfortable and the rod butt sits comfortably in the ribs on the hook set. There is intricate detailing from butt to blank making these some very appealing custom sticks.

Snagless hook keeper

The hook hanger gives you a closed loop to hang hooks on your rod blank. It’s double wrapped to also resist chipping and wear from baits and hooks around the hanger. 

Heavier powers

I have found the Jenko DCVR Gambler rods to be a bit heavier on the power side. In other words, if you like a heavy action rod for flipping usually, you might prefer the medium heavy in this line up. If you like a medium heavy rod for spinnerbaits, you might like the medium rod better. 

The bigger rods in the heavy actions are stout. 

They can handle very big lures better than they are rated even. So you can use that 7’10” rod as a swimbait rod. 

The designers at Jenko are already working on a few different options in the lineup to give guys some more rounded out choices with handle lengths and action-power combinations. I provided some input recently on what I would like to see in a swimbait rod in this lineup. 

Good options

I will admit this rod was a pleasant surprise. I expected another run-of-the-mill rod at that $149 price point. But I was really impressed with the strength and parabolic tapers on these rods. I have hit fish as hard as I possibly could trying to snap one. I have swung 6 pounders into the boat without a care. 

For some reason, I find myself drawn to these rods more and more. I wasn’t wild about the color initially, but now that has even grown on me. I open the rod box and see those Blue rods and reach for one as one of my options for the day. 

Right now you can get them at and But they are starting to hit retailers now and will be online in some bigger box stores late spring 2019 as well.

Boat flipping them even on medium rod

Big head came out of gnarly cover