Handy Tool Holder and Pedestal Seat Plugs

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Boat accessories that provide function with a touch of class are must haves for most anglers. Wired2Fish buddy and Tackle Rac founder/developer Mark Peiser had taken that to the next level with his billet tool holder and seat plugs.

If you own a boat that use the large hole seat pedestal you know there is no question that they can catch foreign objects when the seat is removed. Line clippings, debris and plastic baits can fall into the hole. Those type of pedestals are used as they are more stable than the peg style but offer a few concerns when seats are not in them. Floor pedestal holes are particularly susceptible and allow for objects to get into the sump area and can block your bilge or aerator pumps. Piezer’s new billet pedestal plugs not only look good but provide a neat way to keep items from doing that. Note these plugs are solid billet and will not fly out of the holes like others made fro m plastic or other materials.


Although a lot of boat companies are building tool and lure holders into their new boats those that do not have new boats need a handy place to store pliers, scissors and lures. His new tool holder(pictured below) does just that and because they are fabricated out of billet aluminum that look snazzy in the process.


You can contact Mark via email at [email protected] for more details on these products.