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Precision Sonar Grass Ninja Blade Review

If you fish grass you know how troublesome it can be on the trolling motor and batteries. When grass gets wrapped around the prop it becomes inefficient, can break cables and will put a load on the batteries. New trolling motors are better than old models with props that are made for grass. But even those new models will still wrap up.

Two things happen, one is frustration and the other is omission. Anglers will either fish aggravated all day or will completely forget about fishing grass. Neither of which is a good option.

When I lived in Florida, I learned several tricks to keeping grass off the prop like using a hand-controlled motor or using a prop guard but both had their downfalls. Hand controlled trolling motors are a pain in the wind and weed guards eliminate power from the prop, plus they were clunky and always had to be adjusted and tightened. Many of these hand-steer motors had reverse which helped a bit but ultimately that wasn’t the solution either.

The solution to the grass problem

There is a solution and one I have been using for the last couple of years. It’s called the Ninja Grass Blade. I have not seen anything that is so simple that works so well. The US-made, all-aluminum blade installs easily in a matter of minutes with the provided epoxy and the durable super sharp blade cuts through just about everything imaginable that is under the water’s surface. Instead of wrapping around the foot grass is cut into small manageable pieces that easily fall off when you take your foot off the power or by simply turning the head of the motor.

When I first got the Ninja Grass Blade, I was skeptical. How could something so small and simple make that big of a difference? Would it hold up to the pounding and would it stay put using the supplied epoxy?

I have had one for a little over two years now, and it hasn’t skipped a beat. The key was following the instructions, measuring accurately and using all of the provided epoxy. The blade is super sharp, and I cannot see any degradation after two years. It is just as sharp as the day I installed it. I painted mine to match the motor and it still looks great.

The Ninja Grass Blade works on every trolling motor and is worth the $29.95 it retails for on Tackle Warehouse. Everything you need for the install comes included in the package.


Why you should consider one

Hydrilla, milfoil, spiney naiad, coontail and pond weed can be real buggers for the trolling motor as they are stringy and wrap easily. Cattails and lily stems are a bit more forgiving, but they too can wrap around the prop causing it to stall or even quit if it’s heavy enough. Trolling motors are more powerful now with up to 112 pounds of thrust plus a larger foot to deflect grass and vegetation away from the prop but there are circumstances where power can be a negative too.

Another issue we don’t often think about but can cause harm to the trolling motor is line. Line wrapped around the prop or trolling motor drive shaft can cause seals to leak and water to enter into the armature resulting in failure.

The Ninja Grass Blade alleviates both issues give your trolling motor a longer life and you and your batteries a full day of fishing.

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