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Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon Review

Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon Review

It’s been several years since we were first introduced to Gamma Fishing. Tom Ferrance, who at the time was in charge of marketing for Gamma, had a great story to tell about molecular formulation, pultruded bonding and pellet purity that I am sure NASA engineers, might have had a handle on, but I didn’t have a clue to what he meant. It took performing a strength test using a glove and a stick for me to get it. The breaking strength caught my attention, proved his point and convinced us to buy. Today we have a lot of great fluorocarbon lines on the market, and Gamma is back in the mix.

Gamma went out of production of fishing lines for several years to the dismay of many loyal angling followers. About two years ago, Dale Black, a personable Pennsylvania entrepreneur, and his wife purchased the rights to Gamma and began to build the brand up again. New packaging, new pricing and a whole new upbeat style have been introduced. Gamma is back.

The first experience I had  with the new Gamma Edge 16-pound Fluorocarbon was fishing deep water ledges with a 3/4-ounce Strike King Football head and Zoom Trailer. The line tests have been done on a 7-foot, 3-inch rod with a Medium Heavy power with a high speed baitcasting reel. This combination is a go-to formula when fishing heavy cover like rocks and stumps.

The Gamma line performed very well around abrasive cover. Obviously if you don’t retie you’ll have issues after time. But with Gamma I had very little problem with break offs or bad line. It is so tough that hang-ups are hard to break off, yet it doesn’t cut into the spool. That makes retying easier.

There is a strong comfort level, an almost empowered feeling fishing in the elements with it.

The 16-pound test seems to be a middle ground between too light and too heavy. Gamma is soft and pliable and lasts a long time on the spool compared to some of the other cheaper lines we have tested.  It has some spool memory, but not enough to make it unwieldy or cause casting issues, and using a line conditioner before each trip can eliminate the problems with memory.

Gamma is 100% fluorocarbon and that makes it virtually invisible underwater. Shock strength in close quarters is excellent.

Gamma Edge is a bit pricey at $25.95 for a 100 yard spool at Tackle Warehouse but because it is soft and tough and coupled with backing, you can make it go a long way.