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Flambeau Zerust Max Blade Krate Review

Spinnerbaits are staple fish catchers from 1 foot to 30 feet and muddy water to clear water. But because they work in so many places, you end up with a lot of colors and configurations which means you have to some how efficiently store and access them for various fishing situations. I’ve amassed an army of spinnerbaits over the years and have tried about every storage options an angler can conceive. But I’ve swapped over to the Flambeau Zerust Max Blade Krate recently and really love this new box.

Filing System

The Flambeau Zerust Max Blade Krate acts more like a spinnerbait filing cabinet than just another tackle box to throw spinnerbaits in however you can make them fit. The Blade Krate offers 21 slotted “folders” that hang on their proprietary rails. Each of these plastic folders is built with the Zerust material so your blades and hooks will be more protected from rust and corrosion while simplifying the organizing of your various spinnerbaits.

Stores Neatly

Each Max Blade Krate divider has two hooks on it to hang the wire of a spinnerbait and they are alternated so to the two baits will fit snugly together in one pouch and compact down more. So each of the 21 pockets is made to hold 2 spinnerbaits, although I have tried it with two hanging on one peg and it works in some cases with smaller baits. But with larger baits, you could hold 42 spinnerbaits in one Max Blade Krate.

Easy Access

The folders come out easily at an angle, or you can simply spread a folder open while in the box and see what spinnerbaits are in each slot. I think you could add labels easily to these as well much like a real filing cabinet to identify spinnerbaits by style, weight, color, etc at a glance. But the system is very easy to thumb through and find the right bait.

More Than Spinnerbait Storage

I have hung buzzbaits in mine and even Chatterbaits by their hook. You could probably hang jigs in it if you wanted although big bulky heads might take up more space. The blades on a buzzbait will definitely expand each pocket a little more as you could see from the over head shot a few pictures back. 

I will even throw in a pack of trailers, extra skirts and such in the spaces found outside the dividers in the box. You could take a few folders out and have enough room to carry some extra components in a bag as well and have a complete spinnerbait system in one heavy duty box.

Reconfigured but Similar Footprint

While the box shape and dimensions are a bit of a departure from more conventional flat boxes, two Max Blade Krates stacked on top of each other take up roughly the same footprint as two Flambeau Double Deep 5000 series boxes stacked on end side by side. So the configuration is different but the footprint is very similar. 

The heavy duty o-ring gasket and oversized latches make this box rugged, durable and waterproof, keeping your tackle looking good and worry free for a long time to come. 

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