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Falcon Expert Casting Rod Review

For many years, I’ve constantly heard about Falcon fishing rods. I never got an opportunity to try one until this year and I must say that they’re definitely living up to, if not exceeding the hype. I’ve been having a blast catching fish on ’em.

Most recently I’ve been playing with the Falcon Expert casting rods. I’ve used them for pitching, flipping and moving baits with outstanding success. I wanted to quickly share my thoughts and explain to you what, in my opinion, makes this rod series so darn special.

Very lightweight without compromising strength

I’ve tested a lot of lightweight rods throughout my career, but I’ve had serious durability issues with most of them. Whether I’m swinging fish or setting the hook, I’ve had my fair share of these ultra-lightweight rods shatter like glass and sound like a .22 rifle when they break.

With that being said, I’m quite impressed by the weightlessness and durability of the Falcon Expert series. These rod’s feature advanced CrossMatch composite blanks and the Expert series uses multi-layer, cross-directional Japanese carbon fibers to get an awesome blend of weightlessness and durability. 

While they’re lightweight, they don’t feel cheap in your hands. I think you probably know what I’m talking about when I say that. The high-quality cork feels amazing and doesn’t rot or pit and there are no ominous “cracks”, “pops” or “creaks” when you set the hook. 

Outstanding sensitivity

I’ve been using the Falcon Expert Spinnerbait/ChatterBait rod most frequently and I’m telling you, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more sensitive rod for these two techniques. It’s a 6-foot, 10-inch medium heavy-action with a moderate-fast taper. Thanks to the sensitive blanks and the blank-thru Fuji reel seats, you can feel every single vibration of your lure. I can easily detect when my ChatterBait misses just a single vibration, which is a huge help when fishing for finicky bass and targeting bass in submerged vegetation. 

Tangle-free guides

Throughout the entirety of my time testing this rod, I have not had any issues with my line tangling around my guides. I’ve tested that with both fluorocarbon and braided line with excellent results. 

It’s also worth noting how durable these guides have been as well. Whether someone accidentally steps on one while it’s on my front deck or whether I knock it against a lid when removing it from my rod locker, these Fuji K-frame guides and Fazlite rings have certainly held their own.

Final impressions

If you’re looking for a rod that fishes like most rods twice its price, I suggest putting a Falcon Expert series in your hand. It takes a lot for a rod to excite me, but I’m pretty pumped up about these rods. As ChatterBait and spinnerbait season ramps up especially, you know what’s going to be on my front deck. 

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