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Advantage Bait Company Double Willow Spinnerbait Review

I have been fishing the Advantage Double Willow Spinnerbaits for a couple of years, so I thought I’d share my experiences with these custom spinnerbaits.

What’s Unique about these Spinnerbaits

The spinnerbait offers anglers a lot of quality components in one bait. They use the best skirting material, components, hooks and paint they can find, but the real seller on these baits are their blades. The build their own blades with their patented Extreme Flash Technology that is said to give off a 3D holographic flash in the water.

I’m not sure I can confirm this or not, but we did put a camera on it underwater and you can have a look for yourself here.


I found the hooks to be very sharp and durable. The wire is a Mustang steel wire, one that gives great “feedback.” What I mean by feedback is I can tell what the blade is doing. I can literally feel how fast or slow the blade is turning, with every turn. That’s a function of a wire that vibrates on the blade turn. 

I also found the spinnerbait to be very durable. Even the paint is durable. I’ve been dragging it on rocky bottoms, over stumps, through brush and down the side of docks. The spinnerbait looks great and has held up great so far. 

The blades are really good. They’ve stayed shiny over a lot of use the last two months. They put out a tremendous flash, thump great and make the total package very appealing. 

The skirts are unique as well with two kicker legs coming out of a 90-strand flared skirt. The colors are well thought out as well. And on their site, you can literally customize the spinnerbait and have it made to order with skirt, size, blade combinations and colors.

The swivels, hooks, head design also set this bait apart. The current version marks the second generation of the design of the Advantage Spinnerbait. They basically changed the head design to make it ride better, especially around cover. The blades spin easily and freely, giving it a great fall and making it a great slow rolling spinnerbait as well.


I’ve caught several bass on the spinnerbaits now. I’ve pulled them through some gnarly cover and not had issues with hanging them up thus far. The head has a nice flat rounded bottom to it that helps it “walk” over obstacles a little better than a minnow head does. 

I’ve swung a few nice fish on the spinnerbait and not had issues with breaking yet. Again everything has a point but I haven’t reached it yet which is what you hope for when you pay a little more for something. The trailer keeper works really well for holding plastics on the hook. 

You can find these spinnerbaits at Tackle Warehouse as well as at their website, You can also order replacement skirts, extra, different colored blades and more. If you’re looking for a high-end spinnerbait that will last a little longer, but still give good feedback on the retrieve, you probably want to check these out.