EPCO MotorMate Locking System Review

It’s always interesting the products that are developed for niche hobbies and passions like fishing and hunting that make you think, man, why didn’t I think of that. One of those products for my boat now is the EPCO MotorMate Locking System. This simple-to-use motor toter makes getting your boat ready to tow quick and painless and launching just as painless.



The MotorMate Locking System is more than a motor toter, transom saver or swivel bar. It’s all those things rolled into one and it’s made to protect your investment on a boat and motor.
It’s basically a spring-loaded steel “H-shaped” bar that spring locks into place at the bottom of the transom of your motor and then provides support for the motor as you bring it down into place with your hydraulic switch. Once you square the motor up it fits snuggly in place and will stop the motor from rocking, twisting or putting a great amount of force on the hydraulic system.

It’s extremely strong and durable. It feels like a heavy duty piece of steel and even the springs seem heavy duty.

Why You Will Like It


Two easy to grab spring releases on the bottom of the bar, make the Motormate easy to hook up to your motor in seconds or remove from your motor when you’re ready to launch. It takes as long to remove it as it does to release your trailer straps.

I’ve had a lot of peace of mind knowing that my rather large outboard motor is locked in a stationary position without the need for steering clips or having to get underneath the boat and line up a motor toter or hope it doesn’t bounce out of place if I hit a bump. That peace of mind is nice if you tow your boat a lot like I do.

How to Get One


You can find the EPCO MotorMate Locking System on tacklewarehouse.com as well as MotorMateUSA.com. They run about $100, but you don’t have to worry with towing your motor ever again after that purchase. I’ve had motor toters break, clips come off steering arms and other headaches when towing my boat around. So it’s nice to just have a solid piece of equipment to keep everything locked down and the pressure off my hydraulics.

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