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Kistler KLX Casting Rod

High water and torrential rains in the central part of the country have kept a lot of anglers off the water, but it hasn’t stopped me from testing a great tool for transitioning bass””the Kistler KLX Casting Rod. I have been testing the 7-foot, 3-inch model and have noticed several excellent features.

  • Tapered blank with added strength
  • Tangle free micro guides
  • Super lightweight and well-balanced
  • Grade-A Portuguese cork handle
  • Exposed reel seat

Competitive price point

I have used the Kistler Helium LTA series for years and really have always been impressed with their durability, sensitivity and lightness. The KLX Casting Rod, on the other hand, is a notch above from both a manufacturing and innovation perspective. Although the KLX looks like the high price spread, it actually manages the pocketbook quite well.

Priced at $169.95, the KLX offers phenomenal performance and great looks at an impressive price. Not to mention, it’s made in America.

High-quality blank

A collaborative effort between Gary Loomis of North Fork Composites and Loomis Rod fame and Trey Kistler, of Kistler Rods designed the KLX with a T800 Hybrid 42.7 million modulus blank.

While some rods have characteristics that vary by model, I have noticed nothing but consistent performance on the water. My experience with the Kistler KLX tells me this collaboration was much more than a mass produced rod.

I have been throwing small spinnerbaits, lipless rattling baits and shallow diving crankbaits with this rod and am excited to try other models now as a result. There is no popping or cracking on the cast and the hook sets are smooth and sure.

Strength and durability


Boat swinging fish is a great way to see what a rod is really made of. I have boat flipped numerous bass weighing 3 pounds or heavier with no issues whatsoever. It can be pretty tough to flip a big bass in the boat with a medium-action rod, but the KLX has been remarkable.

Balanced well


When I first got my hands on my Kistler KLX Casting Rod, I immediately noticed how well-balanced it is. I paired it with a Lew’s Tournament MG Casting Reel and it feels incredible in my hands. Many anglers overlook the importance of a well-balanced rod, but I’m telling you””it will make all the difference in the world.

The supreme balance has allowed me to feel every piece of cover my baits come through and has also reduced any fatigue on the water. Whether I’m yo-yoing a lipless crankbait or slamming a shallow crankbait into thick cover, the Kistler KLX hasn’t worn me out.

The Kistler KLX Casting Rod is an affordable option for most every angler who is looking for cutting edge technology and sensitivity at a reasonable price. Kistler KLX rods are available on the Kistler Rods website and other Kistler products like the Carbon Steel, Helium LTA and Z-Bone are available at Tackle Warehouse.