Duo Realis G87 15A Crankbait Review

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Over the last several years I’ve traveled all over the country in search of trophy bass. My travels have taken me to a wide variety of diverse fisheries, because of this I’ve gained a serious appreciation for high quality tackle. Given all the work that goes into getting a shot at a giant bass, it’s imperative that you’re using the highest quality tackle. One specific brand I’ve really taken a liking too is Duo Realis. This company spends an extraordinary amount of time both producing and testing their lures, ensuring they create a top of the line product. One of the most recent Duo Realis products I’ve been lucky enough to try is the G87 15A Crankbait. This is a high preforming deep diving crankbait designed to excel in a variety of offshore applications.

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The Duo Realis G87 15A Crankbait shares the same body design as the popular G87 20A, ensuring continuity in features. Crafted with top of the line materials, this crankbait outperforms others with its extended casting range, swift diving action, and minimal drag.Equipped with a Neodymium magnetic weight transfer system, the Duo Realis Crankbait G87 15A quickly descends to depths around 15 feet, maximizing your time in the strike zone. 

Weighing 1.25 ounces and measuring 3-1/3 inches, it minimizes torque, reducing angler fatigue during extended periods of use. Its hydrodynamic construction maintains perfect balance and allows for easy deflection off deep cover. Available in a range of intricate colors, it stands as one of the most technologically advanced and meticulously designed crankbaits on the market.


I’ve been lucky enough to use this crankbait for a while now, and there’s a ton of situations where it really shines. I’ve cranked this bait over nearly every type of cover imaginable, and I’ve found a few scenarios where it really excels. Two of my favorite locations to fish the G87 15A is around ledges and rock piles. One of the main reasons I prefer this bait in these scenarios is its diving speed. If you watch this bait dive on forward facing sonar, it almost goes down in a straight line. This is imperative when fishing rock piles or other small pieces of structure. On traditional crankbaits you only get a small window within your cast where your bait is actually in the strike zone. On this bait however, it maximizes each cast resulting in a much more efficient crankbait. 

Ledges are another high percentage location to throw the G87 15A. During the summer months bass tend to group up on this type of structure in the form of schools. These fish can often be hard to catch, however once you get them going it can turn into a crazy day of fishing. One of the best ways to fire up these schools is by winding a fast moving crankbait through them. The minimal amount of drag and hydrodynamic construction of the G87 15A make it the perfect choice to burn through these locations. This crankbait is perfect for reeling at exceptionally high speeds as it doesn’t blow out and generates a ton of reaction strikes. While there’s plenty of locations to fish the G87 15A, these are just a few of my favorites.


Having the right rod, reel and line setup is another great way to get the most our of your preferred crankbait, and the G87 15A is no exception. With deeper diving plugs like the G87 15A, I prefer using a longer rod and light line. I typically use either 10 or 12-pound Berkley Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon. The lighter line helps this bait quickly dive and really increases the wobbling action as you burn it back to the boat. The longer rod also helps for leverage and overall casting distance. I typically use one with a parabolic tip and solid backbone for casting larger sized crankbaits. One of my go to rods for this application is the 8-foot moderate action Dobyn’s Champion XP Crankbait Casting Rod.

For a reel, I prefer one with a larger spool and a 6:1 gear ratio. The larger spool is great for making long casts with light line, while the slower gear ratio gives you added torque. While there isn’t much drag on the G87 15A, its nice to have a slower gear ratio that prevents you from fishing this bait too fast. One of my go to reels for this application is the Shimano Curado 200 K Casting Reel.

Throwing a deep diving crankbait is one of my favorite way to catch bass. This is especially true throughout the summer as bass continue to group up offshore. While I employ a wide selection of crankbaits this time of year, the G87 15A is one I don’t leave the house without. If your looking to catch more bass on a deep diving crankbait this summer, I recommend giving the Duo Realis G87 15A a try.

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