DD26 Spool Stix Review

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I got one of the original Spool Stix line winding tools back more than 10 years ago and screwed it to my work bench. I recently got my hands on the newly engineered version from DD26 and it has already been worth its weight in gold. It’s so well made and so handy, I thought I’d share it with other anglers who haven’t seen it yet.

DD26 Spool Stix Kit

Simple Kit with Options

The DD26 Spool Stix Fishing Line Winding Tool comes in a simple to install kit with lots of options. You can simply peel the 3M adhesive tape and stick it in your boat, on the inside of. the bed of your truck or your workshop. Whevever you usually spool your rods. If you would rather it be a portable option. You can screw in the included suction cups to the back of the Spool Stix and then suction cup it to smooth flat surface like a windshield or a window.

installed out of the way

Takes Up Little Space

Once installed, the DD26 Spool Stix folds up and locks into place thanks to the well engineered housing for the support arm. I put it on the passenger side of the inside of the gunnel of my Xpress Boat. At that location it’s out of anyone’s way but is easy to reach when I sit on the front deck and spool reels.

Easy to use DD26 Spool Stix

Easy to Use

The arm of the Spool Stix comes down and rests at an angle to keep the spool on the post as it unravels line being fed onto your reel. It also keeps a bit of tension on the spool this way so it doesn’t spin too fast. It will hold big bulk spools as well as filler spools easily. It’s a simple design that has been perfected and a perfect tool to spool a bunch of rods quickly and easily. I often grab a pile of rods and sit in my boat in the evenings after work and get re-spooled with fresh line.

dd25 spool stix line winding system

Simple and Useful

This is such a simple idea and simple design but it’s very well thought out and made. It makes spooling reels easy and efficient while being compact and out of the way but quick and easy to deploy when you’re ready to respool. I’ve had to sit down on a day of fishing and respool a reel that got blowed up on an errant cast with fishing buddies so I like things that make my life easier.

You can find the DD26 Spool Stix at TackleWarehouse.com and DD26Fishing.com.