Cashion Topwater and Jerkbait Casting Rod Review

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It’s possible to get away with using generic rod models for several bass fishing techniques, but topwaters and jerkbaits always require a bit more precision in my experience. Finding a rod that will perform well with either technique has been quite frustrating in the past, but I’ve been very impressed by my Cashion Topwater and Jerkbait Casting Rod.

Very fast tip

I’ve been using the 7-foot, medium-action rod for quite a while now with excellent results. My favorite aspect of this rod is its ultra-fast tip. Whenever you’re working topwater lures or hard jerkbaits, you’re incorporating frequent downward twitches into your retrieve which makes this rod’s fast tip extremely helpful.

To be honest, I was impressed after my very first cast with the Cashion Casting Rod. It loads well on the back cast and absolutely launches your lure—regardless of its weight. It’s not necessary to throw your shoulder out of joint and a long day of casting won’t wear you out. The tip catapults the lure wherever it needs to go with very minimal effort.

The quick tip also pays huge dividends when you’re retrieving your jerkbait or topwater—your lure responds to the slightest twitch of your rod tip which has actually prompted me to throw a jerkbait more lately. I don’t have the stamina some of the other folks do because I’m not a big-time jerkbait angler, but I’ve been able to fish it for hours on end without any type of fatigue.

When you get a bite with the Cashion Casting Rod, the fast tip aids tremendously in your hookup ratio. It absorbs energy very well and facilitates solid hooksets without ripping your lure away from the bass.


Sensitivity is something that I’ve always put on the backburner for topwater and jerkbait fishing, but I was really amazed when I used this rod. Each time you twitch a jerkbait, you’re able to feel each individual side-to-side slash and if you’re a topwater angler, you can feel your line cutting through the water with each rod twitch.

This has helped me tremendously lately because with the cold water, most of the bass are hitting my jerkbait on the pause while on slack line. The sensitivity of this rod doesn’t make it as important to sit there and stare at your line—you’ll feel every time a bass hits it on the pause, almost like a jig bite. I certainly wasn’t expecting such sensitivity, but I’m really impressed by it.



If you’re unfamiliar with the Cashion lineup like I was initially, the bright-colored grips are likely to catch your eye. While I thought they were meant for aesthetics, they actually serve several practical purposes.

They’re made from Carbon fiber which aids in weightlessness, but also sensitivity and grip. You’ll notice a lot of extra sensitivity coming from these grips, but what impressed me most about them is their resistance to fish slime. During a tournament situation, you’re (hopefully) touching a lot of fish and if you have to wipe your hands before making the next cast, you’re wasting time. These grips are not negatively affected by water or slime, which is a tremendous help on the water.


Everyone has different preferences for fishing rods, but in my personal opinion, this rod feels great in my hands. It’s balanced very well and is very ergonomic regardless of the jerkbait or topwater lure you’re using. I’ve also enjoyed the length of the rod butt– it’s just short enough where it doesn’t get caught on your shirt while working a jerkbait or walking topwater.


I like to keep my fishing as simple as I possibly can. I’m not the guy who has 20 rods on his front deck throughout the day—the less clutter I have, the better.

Because of this preference, I put a SPRO Little John crankbait on this rod last weekend and was impressed by the results. Cranking is my thing and I’m very anal about my crankbait rods, but I was pleasantly surprised by its performance.


Smaller crankbaits like the Little John but a slight bend in the rod throughout the retrieve, but not one big enough to make you tired or compromise sensitivity. It loads very well when you get a bite and has plenty of power to persuade big fish away from shallow cover. The microguides also aid in castability and accuracy, which is a major plus when targeting precise shallow cover. In fact, I have a tournament this weekend and I plan on shallow cranking with this rod.

If you’re interested in finding a quality rod to make jerkbait fishing easier for you, I recommend checking out this rod. Similarly, if you’re wanting a versatile rod that will work well for several different reaction techniques, I think you’d be happy with this rod.

The Cashion Topwater and Jerkbait Casting Rod is priced at $199.99 and available at