Buzbe Colony 28D Deep Modular Tackle Box Review

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I have been an admirer of the Buzbe modular boxes. I had the modular idea about a decade ago when I started traveling to cover fishing all over the country. I always wanted to reconfigure my tackle boxes to hold tools, bags and other lures in a single box. And I wanted some big compartments and some small compartments because I was always traveling with a hodge podge of tackle and tools.

So when Buzbe released the Colony line of boxes with modular insertable cavities, I was excited to see someone finally got modular with the cavities in a tackle box so that you could have compartments with any size and dimension you wanted. You could leave out cubbies to have open spaces for bags, tools, etc.

I’ve now been using the Colony line of boxes, specifically the Colony 28D Deep Modular Tackle Boxes and really like them for storing a bunch of my favorite lures. Here’s a quick run down of the features that make these boxes unique and a great choice for protecting your investment in tackle.

buzbe colony 28D holds a lot of lures

Organizes and Holds Lots of Fishing Lures

The Buzbe Colony 28D Modular Tackle Boxes come with multiple inserts. In the standard kit you get two 1×1, three 1×2, two 1×3, one 1×4 bin, one 2×2 bin and one 2×3 bin. And then you can order Customizable Bin Kits to set the box up however you want. If you buy several boxes you can mix and match to make up multiple different configurations. That’s what I’ve done on a few boxes as well as used extra bins from the kits to make perfect boxes based on what lures I want to organize together in a single box.

For my Lipless crankbait box, which is holding more than 100 lipless crankbaits for me, I used the base configuration and found it to be great for storing by color. I have more red lipless baits than any other color and I piled almost 30 into the 2 x 3 bin.


buzbe colony 28D modular

Modular by Lure Size and Volume

The nice thing with the customizable bins on the Colony 28D is you can get larger bins for your bigger lures and smaller bins for your tiny baits and terminal tackle. It’s also handy for when, like with my lipless crankbait collection, I have 30 of a shade of crawfish but maybe only a half dozen gold baits. So it can be modular to the size of the lures or terminal tackle or it can be modular to the quantity of a particular lure or color. That gives you a lot of options as an angler depending on your individual collection of baits.

It’s also nice when you throw together day boxes for trips. I do that constantly. And the box I take on a trip in February will be very different than the box I take on a trip in August.  That’s where having modular options is awesome. So I will keep a couple 28D boxes empty with extra bins to fill for trips and then restore everything in bulk bins when I get back.

colony 28D heavy duty construction

Heavy Duty Construction Throughout

The hinges, seals and latches on this box are very well made and make for a very secure box when close and easily opened and used box on the water. You can do everything with one hand as I often have my hands full when I bank fish and travel to fish. I don’t mind to pay a little extra for a good tackle box. And I’ve really never understood the mentality of taking an expensive collection of fishing lures and storing them in a $5 dollar box that shatters when you drop it. I have more than $600 in lipless crankbaits in my Colony 28D box. I have another box of topwaters that has close to $1,000 in lures in it. I want to know when I my baits are in a box they are protected.

These Buzbe Colony boxes are weather sealed and have a tight bond when shut.

buzbe 28D modular system

Buzbe’s Patented Interlocking Modular System

The Buzbe Colony 28D incorporates Buzbe patented interlocking modular system that allows you to put any of the 6 different sizes of bins in any spot in the tackle box. So you can literally set the box up however you think makes sense for storing your tackle safely and securely. The bins come in and out easy. I have at times left a few bins out to put a few bags of baits in the box with some of the lures I’m carrying on a trip. Everything seem to stay in place well. The floor of the boxes holds the bins together and the lid pushes down and with it’s honeycomb pattern that fits into the bins keeps everything locked in place even with bins out or missing.

buzbe flip away latches

Flip Away Heavy Duty Latches

The heavy duty latches on the Buzbe Colony boxes are designed to flip up and away from the lid so that you can quickly and easily open a box with one hand if you have a rod or fish in the other hand and need a tool or another something out of the box while preoccupied. The latches stay closed securely and open easily so it’s the best of both worlds on these boxes. I really like the metal swing away loops. No more popping off latches or struggling to get lids to line up right with your box.

buzbe colony 28D rugged stackable

Buzbe Rugged and Stackable for Easy Storage

I really like these Buzbe Colony 28D boxes. They appeal to someone like me with a very particular wants when it comes to tackle storage. Yes you’re going to pay more for this level of durable, dependable and configurable tackle management system. But you’re also not worried about hundreds of dollars of lures spilling out, getting rusted or the case breaking while fishing or transporting your tackle to your next fishing destination.

The boxes are infused with an odorless rust-proofing material that keeps your hooks and hardware from rusting and ruining your favorite lures. They are modular, indestructible and easily accessible with dozens of options for storing all your fishing lures and tackle.

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