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Big Bite Baits YoDaddy Review

It’s difficult to find a soft plastic flipping and pitching bait with everything you need. When you find one that’s durable, many times it lacks action. When you finally find one that looks great in the water, you’re often going to burn through baits at a quick and expensive pace. Fortunately, I got a chance to catch a lot of bass with the Big Bite Baits YoDaddy and 4 factors have turned this bait into a staple in my boat.

  • Extremely durable
  • Great action
  • Compact profile
  • Great price

Lasts for several catches

If you can find a durable flipping and pitching bait, not only will you save money in the long run, but you’ll also spend more time fishing. The Big Bite Baits YoDaddy is extremely durable—whether you’re catching small bass or bass over 5 pounds, you’ll be very impressed by its resilience.

I’ve caught as many as 7 bass on a single YoDaddy. Even if a bass inhales it to its crushers, you’ll likely be able to salvage the bait for a few more fish. I’ve also enjoyed the YoDaddy’s durability while flipping and pitching underneath docks. Let’s face it—everyone slams their bait into a dock post or pontoon boat every now and then. When this happens, the YoDaddy stays in place on the hook without sliding down the shank or ripping apart. You won’t have to fool with constantly re-rigging it.

The Big Bite Baits YoDaddy also holds up very well to skipping. Many other soft plastics will lose extremities after excessing skipping, but this bait stays in place and stays looking brand new.

Great action

When you’re flipping and pitching into heavy cover, you’re not always afforded a lot of room to work your bait. When Elite Series pro Russ Lane developed this bait, he wanted a bait with a great presentation without much movement. That’s definitely been my experience with the YoDaddy.

Whether you’re punching the YoDaddy into vegetation holes or pitching it into tightly packed log jams, it’s going to displace a lot of water—even if you don’t have enough space to drag or hop it. The ends of its claws are squared, allowing them to violently flap on the initial fall. By simply popping the slack in your line, the YoDaddy’s legs and claws displace a ton of water. This has allowed me to work my bait in very small, high-percentage areas without prematurely leaving the strike zone.

Small, compact profile

The Big Bite Baits YoDaddy is only 3-inches long and it doesn’t have huge, elongated appendages. Its compact profile has proven very effective when flipping and pitching into thick vegetation or flooded cover. It’s pretty darn frustrating to make the perfect flip to a tight area, only to have to shake and pop your bait to make it fall to the bottom. That hasn’t been the case with the YoDaddy—it always seems to make its way down to the fish with minimal effort.

The small profile of the YoDaddy has also been quite useful when casting to deep brush piles. Although it was primarily designed as a flipping and pitching bait, I’ve enjoyed a lot of success using it in deep cover when targeting finicky, clear water bass. It comes through both brush and rock piles very well.

Very reasonable price

Priced at $3.49 per 8-pack, most anglers will be able to afford a couple packs of YoDaddys. When many anglers throw expensive baits, both hard and soft, they have a tendency to be a bit apprehensive to cast into snag inducing cover. When your bait is relatively inexpensive to replace, however, you’re more apt to take chances casting to where the big bass really live. The great price point of the YoDaddy will let you worry more about fishing and less about the dollar signs tied to the end of your line.

If you’re in the market for a new flipping and pitching soft plastic bait, I certainly recommend the Big Bite Baits YoDaddy.

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