Berkley Cane Walker Review

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A great pencil popping topwater lure for catching bigger fish, fishing in rougher water and when you need a lot more distance between you and the fish.

Balanced and walks perfect

The big thing with the Cane Walker is how far you can throw it and how much commotion it makes because of how it sits in the water. I have been fishing the Cane Walker when there is a bit of commotion on the water from boat or wind turbulence. The bait weighs nearly an ounce at 5 inches long. So you can fish it easily in the wind without worrying about distance. 

It’s rear weighted to cast easier and sit down in the water a bit more so it can really throw water when you work it. 

Good sound

Individual chambers and different beads in each chamber give the Cane Walker a loud and attractive sound. The sounds of two different size of bbs coupled with the raucous commotion, calls bass up in rough conditions or over deep water where attracting fish requires more sound and action.

The mouth spits and cups water nicely and the bait walks easily on a long cast with braid. Sharp cuts really make a good splash for just a 5-inch pencil bait.

Great Color Options

Bone is of course a staple and then usually a shiny baitfish pattern is all you usually need. Although I have seen times where a black bait or a chrome bait got some extra bites. The Cane Walker comes in 10 colors and every one of them is a fish catcher from what I’ve seen. 

Catches good ones

The Cane Walker has been a fun topwater for me the last two years. I have it tied it on a lot as I fish in the wind a lot. It walks big and boisterous and has caught me some good ones at a time when good bites can be hard to come by.

The Fusion 19 hooks on this 3-hook bait are sticky and keep fish buttoned up well. For $8, you can’t go wrong with this topwater. I like to fish it on 65-pound braid because I can throw it so far with a MH topwater rod and stick the fish at the end of a long cast. If I’m fishing in clear water, I will sometimes but a 20-inch leader of monofilament on it. That also will keep the bait off the braid too.

You can find the Berkley Cane Walker at the following online retailers:

Jason with a big one on the Cane Walker

It makes a big commotion that can be the deal this time of year on big lake flats and backs of bays.

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