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Bass Mafia Money Bag Review

I’m constantly changing and tweaking the way I store fishing tackle. That has as much to do with having a highly evolved obsessive compulsive disorder as well as 30 years of acquiring fishing tackle. One of the storage items I was most excited about at last year’s ICAST show was the Bass Mafia Money Bag. I got a bunch over the winter from and thought I would share my experiences with them thus far.

The first thing that impressed me was how strong the material was. At the ICAST show, Jacob Powroznik stepped both feet into one and pulled it up to his waist and it stretched all that way without tearing. So I figured it would probably do a fine job of holding my 10 packs of Strike King Rage Bugs, 15 packs of Zoom Swimmers or 20 packs of Yamamoto Senkos.

I’ve been really impressed with how much you can stuff in one bag. Like it’s almost a contest now to see when the bag won’t close anymore. But I also like having a bag that holds more than 2 gallons of plastics that I can easily identify as soon as I open the storage compartment lid on the Phoenix.

The Money Bag features heavy-duty stitching, a double sealing enclosure with a lock-tight seal on the inside and a heavy-duty zipper on the outside. The welds on the seams is solid and seems to be able to withstand stretching and even some mild poking from more rigid packaging and clam shells.

The enclosures stay sealed even turning the bag upside down and shaking it violently with a lot of weight in plastics in the bag. And so far, I haven’t had one open on me in the rod locker or in my truck.

The space age material that it is made out of is very transparent and hasn’t fogged on me after several months of being transported in and out of boats, trucks and workshops. I have stored plastics in soft bags for years, but I always end up digging through bags trying to figure out where I put certain plastics since the bags weren’t transparent. I bought five of the Money Bags on the idea that I could sort plastics by different types or colors or other OCD manners that I could identify in a glance. Most of the time, however, I’m just stuffing them full of everything I think I might possibly use for the current season or window of fishing opportunity. And I’ve been able to just quickly grab exactly what I’m looking for in seconds.

One tip I would offer is to take out a pack of whatever you’re fishing with that day and leave it out. I’m not opening the bags of soft plastics inside of the Money Bag and then leaving them open. I had heard some guys were getting mildew inside of their bags, but I think that’s probably because they are constantly going in and out of the bags, leaving packages open and salt and water is forming the mildew in the bag. I’ve not experienced that at all so far with my bags after using them for several months but that’s because I’m not opening packages inside of the Money Bag. I want these bags to last for years so I make an a concerted effort to keep them clean and dry.

The Bass Mafia Money Bag retails for $9.99 a bag. You can find them at, or other fishing tackle retailers that carry Bass Mafia storage products.

Check out the closer details on this great tackle storage option in the gallery above.

Way more durable than a regular store bought freezer bag

Expands to hold a ton of packs of soft plastics and other fishing tackle

Doesn’t spill or open when jostled around in a boat, in a backpack or truck

Inner waterproof seal plus outer zipper keeps it locked up tight

And most importantly the Money Bag is waterproof

It’s very well constructed and can handle being stretched and stressed

Heavy duty stitching and construction throughout

Heavy duty zippers work well and don’t bind

Material is very clear and doesn’t fog; so it’s easy to see what’s in each bag

The Money Bag is a great system to store your soft plastic fishing baits