Avid Angler Solutions Fishing Tool Kit Review

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Murphy’s Law seems to work itself into every angler’s day at some point. If something could go wrong, rest assured it will at the most inopportune times. Most times it occurs when it’s totally unexpected; at the worst possible moment, the worst location and when we are least prepared. There’s nothing we can do about it really but heck, we can make an effort to be a bit more prepared.

Not only do I like to spend time in my boat but I’m also a tinkerer. I’m always messing with equipment and trying to find ways to make my boats better. It’s very important for me to have a decent tool kit onboard and easily accessible at all times. I’ve been testing out the Avid Angler Solutions Fishing Tool Kit for the last several months and have found myself reaching for it quite often. Whether you want to mount it inside your boat or simply keep it in a storage compartment, this is one of those handy products that you might not use every day but when things go bad, you’ll definitely be glad you have it.

fishing tool kit

Being prepared

It is inevitable that things that break are usually those for which we are least prepared; that’s just the life of a fisherman and especially a boat owner. If you have a boat, you’re going to have to learn to work on things and repair things quickly. Not only does this save you precious fishing time but it can also save a bunch of money on hourly labor fees at your local boat repair shops.

Simple repair items like are included in the Avid Angler Solutions Fishing Tool Kit, however, can be taken along with you. I like this tool kit because it contains the essentials I might need for quick, on-the-water repairs and it doesn’t take up a bunch of room in my boat. I fish a lot of small bodies of water which often require smaller boats, so space is certainly at a premium.

tools in fishing tool kit

Handy kit at your finger tips

Having a big kit with specialty tools is nice, but again, not all boats have the space for additional boxes and trays. The Avid Angler Solutions Fishing Tool Kit is very easily mountable in your boat without any drilling required. It includes a great pair of scissors, two screwdrivers, a hook file, their famous fishing glue and a chartreuse marker that fits into a roto-molded holder that is perfect for the items chosen and fits perfectly in a boat, tackle bag or even a backpack.

Tools most often used are easily accessible and I have added clips, tie wraps and a roll of electrical tape to my arsenal too. You may not be able to fix everything on the boat with this kit but at a minimum, you have a fighting chance to keep yourself on the water. How many times are you digging around looking for a pair of pliers or a screwdriver to find them on the floor or rusted? Not anymore.

super glue for bass fishing

The glue and marker

Most of us always have a tube of super glue but without hesitation, the Avid Angler Solutions Fishing Glue is some of the best I have ever used. You can buy a cheap tube at the local dollar store but it will dry out after just a few uses. This glue is a lot different than that, though. The special cap keeps it airtight and I have one bottle that is about a year old that’s as good as the day I got it. It dispenses perfectly and it only takes a small amount to glue rod tips, guides, plastics and a swimbait head onto a swimbait and it holds like iron. I also glue braid at the knot with it and have yet to have it fail. I really like the consistency of this product; it’s not too stiff or too runny.

I use the glue on everything in the office, shop and on the road too. Since I work on boats all the time as a hobby, it really comes in handy there as well. It can also be a great bandage if you get a paper cut and I use it to repair plastic parts and latches, too. The kit comes with the glue, as mentioned earlier, but I would suggest having a few extra bottles. I like to keep one in the shop, one in my tow vehicle and one in the boat just to make sure you will have it when you need it.

I have also used the Avid Angler Solutions Chartreuse Marker constantly for about a year and it’s still going strong. That says a lot as I mark just about every bait I put in the water and it spares the mess of a bottle of dye that no matter how careful you are, always seems to drip on your boat.

For those who bank fish, the kit fits great in your backpack and provides peace of mind in the event something needs tightened or repaired.

soft plastic dye marker for bass fishing

Final impressions

I just completed a renovation of a 1995 Skeeter and one of the first accessories I added was the Avid Angler Solutions Fishing Tool Kit and suggest you get one, too. You will be surprised just how much you use it.

You can get them at Tackle Warehouse and AvidAnglerSolutions.com.